Purusha Capital of the Western World

Located in the forests of the Smokey Mountain Range of West Virginia, this beautiful, isolated campus is a superb location for Purusha to dive deep in their long programs and create a powerhouse of coherence to influence Washington DC, only two hours drive away. Given the current volatility in world consciousness, the Purusha here play a key role in cooling down the rapidly changing dynamics of Washington, the most powerful political city in the world.

Maharishi played a key role in initiating the search and location of the land for the campus, and was closely involved in all stages of design of the facility and its buildings. This Purusha campus plays a central role in Maharishi’s global coherence creating programs for the world.



Following are some photos of the campus.

Dining hall, kitchen and meeting hall, with Purusha residential blocks in background

…and what it looks like in winter….


Sunrise from my room at the WPA guest building

….and the same showing some of the balcony…


There are forests in all directions


This superb fellow spotted me on a morning walk…..

….and when I began saying how marvellous he was, he trotted up for a closer look.


Sunrise — all rooms and buildings face due east


The upper level of Purusha residences have a great view. The only transport allowed are quiet electric golf buggies.

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