Present systems of education & The Vedic System of Earning

Present systems of education

‘Present systems of education in the various countries of the world only give the students informatory knowledge. There is nothing precise in the field of education today which will really develop the inner values of mind, body and spirit. Therefore whatever education is received by the people is just on the surface level of information. In every subject certain information is given about that subject, and if a student is able to remember the information he passes the course. The current system of education prepares the student only for a recognized career in the society primarily for earning a living.

‘There is no field of inner values of life open to the students. The information about the inner world of the mind and spirit is closed. It is surprising how the more substantial aspects of inner life which form the very basis of all the outer life and existence have been ignored for so long a time all over the world. It is now high time that, along with the outer fields of all the different branches of learning, education be provided to the students in the inner spheres of life. Without the knowledge of the Absolute, and without the practice of Transcendental Meditation to unfold the mental faculties, education remains incomplete. The responsibility for keeping this generation of students out of contact with the inner values of life and the field of the permanent basis of existence lies on the shoulders of those wise men who are responsible for the present curriculum in every country.’
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
 Science of Being and Art of Living

The Vedic System of Earning

Question: How can people make the money they need, to have a life of security and comfort without ruining their health and their life ?
MAHARISHI: “ Take a lesson from the animals. Where is money in the world of monkeys? And where is money in the world of ants or elephants? It is a big misnomer. It is only a network of ignorance.
The Vedic system of earning is to stimulate total Natural Law in our desire to have anything. Total Natural Law obeys our command in the Vedic system of culturing the mind. 
To culture your mind, you need to take your awareness to the “source of thought”.
 From that field of unmanifest nothingness, the memory of everything wakes up in your awareness. Then infinite Creative Intelligence supports your desires, actions, and behavior.Transcendental Meditation trains the mind to consciously start a thought from the self-referral Unified Field, the field of total Natural Law within oneself. From there, we fulfill a desire. It is a different philosophy.
It is a philosophy of slavery to educate a man to do something and give him so much money. Then you give him more money to make him work more.  This is a science of slavery, a philosophy of dependence.
 “Your most obedient servant “!!!.. what a fine thing.You remain a servant of the person for a few thousand coins every month, and then you can buy your fruit here and there.
In Vedic system, you can train your mind to get the support of total Natural Law, which runs this whole universe, which can help you fulfill your desires.
The proof of this is in ” Yogic Flying”. You invite the power of gravity at that moment, and the power of gravity says…… “Yes sir, I am here for you.” With your invitation to the power of gravity, immediately the power of gravity serves your call. If you want the body to lift up, the body immediately lifts up. This is a proof. We are not talking fanciful words. Vedic Education is a practical field of education. 
 We have seen that present education increases ignorance more than knowledge. 
“Vedic Education” increases knowledge all the time, until you have gained access to the total knowledge of creativity—the infinite creativity of Natural Law.
 It is a different thing, but that is our offer. Take it and enjoy…………or if you don’t take it today, tomorrow you’ll take it, or the third day you’ll take it.”
 From Global Press Conference, 8.9.2004

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