The Shurangama Sutra of Buddhism and the Transcendental Meditation Technique

Maharishi Channel, H.E. Dr.Bevan Morris, March 03

A discussion between Lord Buddha and twenty-five of his greatest
Bodhisattvas (enlightened) on the ultimate method for gaining Samadhi and the state of enlightenment


BEVAN: …Manjushri (a Bodhisattva) goes on to say directly to Anand
(Anand represents ‘every man’ in the world, who sincerely aspires for

“Anand and all you, who listen here should inward turn your faculty of
hearing to hear your own nature which alone achieves supreme bodhi, supreme state of awakening of consciousness. That is how enlightenment is won.”

And again he says the same as Avalokiteshvara (a Bodhisattva):

“Buddhas as many as the Ganges sand entered this one gate way to Nirvana. All the past enlightened have achieved this method. All Bodhisattvas now enter this perfection. All who practice in the future, on this dharma should rely. Avalokiteshvara did not practice it alone, Manjushri says, because through it I also passed.”

So, Manjushri also used the same method.

“The enlightened and world honored one(Lord Buddha) has asked about the best experience for those in the Dharma ending age, who wish from Samsara to escape in their search for Nirvana`s heart.

It is best to meditate with sound. All other methods are experience used by Buddha in particular cases to keep disciples from occasional trouble. They are not good for indiscriminate practice by men of different types. It is good for teaching Anand and those of the Dharma ending age, who should use the hearing organ which surpasses all others and with a true mind accord.”

So this is the conclusion endorsed by Lord Buddha. Two of the great
Bodhisattvas used the same method, Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri.

They used the sense of hearing – which is to say a sound and turn it back on itself – which means instead of the sound going in the outward direction, as we normally hear sound through the ears, hearing the sound going in the inward direction, towards the source of the sense of hearing, the source of all the senses in transcendental consciousness and that is Transcendental Meditation.

So the clear and definite conclusion of the Surangama Sutra is that this method, which we now know as the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation Technique, is the best method for experiencing Samadhi.

It is the method that should be taught to all, that should be practiced by all, that is easy to learn and that will lead all of those who seek enlightenment to the state of enlightenment.

So here is a very profound analysis that completely confirms all that has
been said throughout all of the history of the world about the best method of meditation and that Maharishi with the inspiration of his master Guru Dev has been offering to our world for fifty years now. (…)

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