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I currently live in the Himalayas with the Maharishi Purusha Program focussed full time on the advanced TM-Sidhi meditation programs designed to accelerate personal progress to higher states on consciousness: these programs also have a profound effect in creating harmony in world consciousness.

The Himalayas are an ideal location for this endeavour, with its rich spiritual tradition famed throughout history in harbouring and nourishing the great seers and luminaries of the Vedic tradition, and fostering countless aspirants to similarly gain self-realisation. The isolation, away from the troubles of the world, supports the intent focus required in our endeavour.

Furthermore, the fact that the TM-Sidhi program has extensive scientific validation for transforming collective consciousness towards harmony and peace augments our mission exponentially. 

I’ve been a world peace professional with the Maharishi Purusha Program since 1986 in India, Holland, Australia, and USA.  I am a qualified instructor in the Transcendental Meditation Program and have enjoyed extensive organisational administration responsibilities with the organisation since 1983. I also have university qualifications in Financial Administration and worked in business for a number of years.


On the holy Ganges River, Uttarkashi

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The main challenge to leading a life focussed on the Purusha program is to secure funds to continue for the long term. Our life is simple and the needs are few, but we still need to eat, wear clothes, and pay medical bills.

There are so few people in a world of 5 billion who shoulder this responsibility, and so each person who commits to this type of life is extraordinarily rare. The outcome of the process is very precious. And just as precious are the sponsors, without whom Purusha and the similar groups would not exist.

Fortunately our deep meditation programs produce dividends in all directions. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said about Purusha,

World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it.”

And one of India’s greatest spiritual luminaries, Adhi Shankara, said almost two thousand years ago about those who support Purusha (called ascetics in those days):

“Whosoever gives to someone who dedicates himself fully to the quest for enlightenment receives the benefits of this man’s acts and meditations without having to undergo the tribulations associated with his life. Truly fortunate is one who supports the ascetic, because he doesn’t have to leave the comfort of his home to fully gain the advantage of this man’s tapas (meditations).” Shankara Dig Vijaya


mark spencer“I have been a fellow practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation technique and TM-Sidhi program for many decades now, and continue this practice because of the balancing and refreshing effect it has on my physiology and creativity.  I am a dental surgeon and also an ocean diver / photographer with many interests and distractions, but always find meditation a wonderful “base” to return to on a daily basis.  I’ve long had an interest in the scientific research associated with TM, and one particular area of research that has attracted my interest is the very positive effectiveness of the group practice of the TM-Sidhis program on all areas of society. This represents the radiating “field” nature of consciousness, and has been verified numerous times in reputable international peer-reviewed journals.  This “technology of consciousness” works in a wondrous but scientifically explainable way to reduce stress in the environment, and thereby promote peace and reduce hostility.

This is what Andrew Lawson-Kerr does full-time on a daily basis along with his dedicated colleagues.  Their program has been specially designed for their own accelerated development of consciousness and also for maximum impact in the promotion of peace world-wide. It’s a hard concept to “swallow”, but the so-called “Maharishi Effect” is well worth investigating.  I endorse Andrew Lawson-Kerr as a wonderful, sincere man who well deserves all the financial support that can come his way.”  

Dr Mark Spencer  (

It will be my pleasure to help with your goals for enlightenment and world peace simply through the formula quoted by Adhi Shankara above. Please click on the Donate or Subscribe buttons below.

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Andrew Lawson Kerr

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