World Peace Assemblies


World Peace Assembly in Turkey

For practitioners of the TM-Sidhis who are not able to join a permanent coherence-creating group, in most countries around the world the national organisations hold World Peace Assemblies held on a regular basis to create the same effect on a short term basis.

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  1. man-fai wong (mohan) says:

    i wish to participate wpa.

    • Do you practice the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique? If yes, you can contact the TM centre in Hong Kong and make enquiries there. If you don’t practice TM yet, you can learn the technique in Hong Kong. After instruction you qualify for attending Weekend Residence Courses which are excellent for gaining deep rest and learning more of the benefits of the practice and useful knowledge of progress to enlightenment. You also qualify after some time to learn the advanced TM-Sidhi Program after which you can then attend World Peace Assemblies.

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