Implications of Total Solar Eclipse of 21 August ’17 through to 19 April 2020

Editor’s Note: this is a good review from a non-Maharishi Jyotishi of the eclipse’s influences according to classical texts through to 2020. However, our Purusha Jyotish expert qualifies this analysis as follows: 

“…He seems to go by this idea that the number of years of effect from the eclipse equals the number of minutes the eclipse was total at the longest location.  Sort of a Western astrology concept.  Jyotish lit says 6 months to a year for total eclipse, which is more likely….
His analysis of effects on Trump is in the same direction as other commentators, and to some degree borne out by Brihat Samhita.  They speak of miseries to head of state, and possible fall from power.  Medical crisis is a possible reading, assasination less well defended….

On 21 August 2017, there will be total Solar Eclipse that will activate the 4thdegree of Leo until 19 April 2020. Astrologically the moment of eclipse is powerful and saturates that degree of the zodiac with energy. The effects of the eclipse will reveal themselves during the following years as the energy dissipates.

Global Effects

To understand the effects of the eclipse we begin by examining the disposition of the planets at the moment of the eclipse. This analysis will reveal the challenges and opportunities that will manifest for the whole world during the eclipse period.

The Key Players (Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu)

We start with Rahu and Ketu. These are points in space who indicate where the orbital plane of the Sun and Moon intersect. In order to have an eclipse of any type, the Sun and Moon must be in the same orbital plane. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are said to cause the eclipses. There are two ways of calculating the placement of Rahu and Ketu. The difference between the two methods is only a few minutes and is usually not a factor in interpretation. However; in this eclipse, the True Node calculation places Rahu in Leo with the Sun and Moon and Ketu in the early degrees of Aquarius. Rahu in Leo will bring lessons about the distribution and balance of worldly power. We will be facing unresolved issues from past generations and finding new solutions. This is the signature which has promoted the rise of nationalism since January 2016. The Mean Node calculation places Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn. Rahu in the late degrees of Cancer will bring lessons which support global trade and cooperation and will engender novel and unexpected approaches to old problems.

Either way, Rahu is placed in a turbulent point in the Zodiac which will ensure that each set of lessons will create confusion and will be challenging to integrate into our lives. This turbulent degree of the zodiac is where long-standing unresolved difficulties surface and obstruct our progress. Usually this is a passing phase, however as this appears on the eclipse we will be working with this energy for the whole period until April 2020. This gives us the opportunity to understand and resolve the deep issues which arise.  The key mission of Rahu is to present new challenges that will be long-term learning opportunities.

The good news here is that both Leo and Cancer are Sattvic signs which ultimately promote truth and progress in the world. Ketu however is placed in Capricorn or Aquarius which are Tamasic signs who indicate immersion in worldly affairs in the individual and global arena, respectively. Tamasic signs can be dark and static places. Ketu, however, is always creating endings so he is urging us to action and to reject the inertia that Tamas can bring. In summary, the message of the nodes is two-fold, first we must face the unresolved issues of our forefathers: bigotry, nationalism and discrimination. Then we can move towards caring for all people equally which will guide the planet in cooperative solutions for the global issues that we must face as one planet.

Ketu, on the other hand, challenges us to release old issues that have been resolved and are no longer relevant. He creates a sense of unease and fear as we must give up ideas and behaviors that are comfortable for us. Ketu seated in Capricorn teaches that we must embrace personal austerity in monetary and material pursuits and avoid over consumption of goods and ideas. Ketu in Aquarius promotes global awareness and expands our awareness beyond individual needs to serving all of humanity.

21 Aug 2017; 14:21 Washington, DC (True Nodes):

 21 August 2017; 14:21 Washington, DC (Mean Nodes):


The eclipse occurs in the sign of Leo. Leo signifies the government, large corporations, worldly power and global influence. The highest vibration of Leo is to achieve balance, purity and truth. Leo also indicates the fixed or eternal Dharma of the cosmos and is always striving for purity of thought, word and deed. Leo only allows those to thrive, in the long run, who act with integrity and align their actions with cosmic law. Leo supports the ideals of charity towards others, living within our means, and penetrating self-reflection. The planets seated here, Sun, Moon and Mercury, are being aspected by Saturn. Saturn creates deep and lasting change in the signs that he aspects.

The Sun is in his mulatrikona degrees in Leo which indicates that he has a great deal of strength which will energize the eclipse degree. The Sun, in this placement, will promote honesty, integrity, fairness, responsibility and the nobility of the human spirit. By the end of the period, the particular lessons of the Sun are likely to be embraced by an additional 12% of the population who will continue to work for positive change. Take heart, mountains can be moved by 12% of the population. If you have found your way to this article, you have the cosmic blessing to join the 12% through yoga, meditation and study in the coming months. Focus your study on the Purusharthas: Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha and by applying these principles to your life you will drive positive change in the world.

The Moon is in a neutral position which will bring a mix of challenges and opportunities on the mental plane throughout the eclipse period. The position of the Moon indicates that, in the end, a great many of the lessons of the eclipse will be integrated into the global consciousness. This indicates a global paradigm shift in the coming years.

Mercury is seated in Leo and his retrograde motion indicates that he will give the effects of being seated at 14 degrees of Aquarius which is a friend’s sign and indicates that he will deliver equal portions of supportive and challenging lessons. Mercury signifies communication, logic, material forms and commerce. Aquarius will engage Mercury’s creative side and bring new approaches to old problems which will benefit the masses. Aquarian communication is ubiquitous in our world of social media which in its current naïve state consists of everyone speaking and no one listening. This era of communication without consequences has led to suffering in the world and Mercury’s role may be to bring consequences for what we create in the world through spoken and written communication.

As ruler of the Earth element, Mercury will be addressing global warming and sustainable living during this eclipse period. Mercury takes on the attributes of the planets near him. In this case, he is close to the Sun and Moon thus he will deliver the message of the eclipse to the masses and promote the positive aspects that the Sun and Moon are offering.  The chart indicates that Mercury’s message will be potent and will have a beneficial effect by the end of the eclipse period. Saturn’s aspect on Mercury may indicate a slow adoption of new ideas but also indicates a lasting change in those who understand the principles being developed. Mercury will be an effective messenger to the masses and can help to bring about the positive changes indicated by the Sun and Moon.

Challenging Planets

Mars is seated in Cancer where he is debilitated. This indicates that his difficult effects will be prominent during the eclipse period. Mars’ negative side brings battles, crises, anger, accidents and explosive tendencies. He will be suspicious and possibly paranoid, seeing hidden agendas and enemies everywhere. While Mars will bring the unexpected, the deeper purpose of Mars is to give us opportunities, through hardship and conflicts, to look inward and overcome tendencies which hold us back from recognizing that we are all interconnected (e.g., jealousy, anger, arrogance and greed). The chart indicates that many of us who encounter a Mars crisis will have the ability to embrace the deeper lesson of inner purification. Tuck this information away in case a crisis arises in your life. Remember to seek the deeper lesson of expanded awareness once the crisis has passed.

Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio which indicates that he will give the indications as if he were in Taurus which is a friend’s sign. He will promote balance in our lives as we feel driven to seek better ways of living. The positive side of Saturn brings patience, focus and persistence to achieve the goal of a more democratic world. Saturn treats everyone the same and expects all of us to dedicate our lives to resolving our debts and sharing our credits to help others. Saturn’s energy gains potency as he is stationing before moving direct in 4 days. Saturn’s influence is to delay and obstruct our actions. His aspect on the Sun, Moon and Mercury is a reminder that their lessons will be delayed and we must make efforts to integrate them into our lives. The chart indicates that, in the end, Saturn’s effect will be challenging as most people will connect with Saturn’s negative values of anger, impatience, depression and hopelessness. By recognizing that we must seek out the higher lessons, you can set a daily intention each morning to see the best in the world and with time, Saturn will grant you his blessings of Taurus.

Supportive Planets

Jupiter is seated in Virgo, the sign where we can apply his higher ideals to daily situations. At the eclipse, Jupiter is in a neutral sign which indicates that his moderate strength will guide us to embrace principles of the status quo as he often holds conservative and traditional views. Jupiter strives for the highest expression of truth, therefore the conservative values I am referring to are the eternal values of Dharma. The chart indicates that the net effect of Jupiter’s influence on the eclipse energy with be positive and will offer protection and promote the ideals of charity, austerity, freedom and self-reflection.

Jupiter and Saturn are both aspecting Taurus and Capricorn, this dual aspect can promote sudden gains and losses in the financial sector. While Jupiter will cross into Libra on 11 September, the presence of this dynamic on the eclipse may prolong financial opportunities. However, Saturn will continue a single aspect on Taurus and Capricorn from 11 September until 26 October so a market correction could occur during this window.

If we look at the Mean Node chart we find that Ketu is aspecting and being aspected by Jupiter. This relationship increases volatility in Jupiter’s effects. We will achieve higher highs and lower lows as these energies mingle. This signature is amplified by the mutual aspect of Ketu with Rahu, Mars and Venus which indicates a rise in global terrorism and unrest at times during the eclipse period. I feel this will be more evident in the early part of the eclipse period which may serve as a catalyst to change.

Venus is seated in Cancer where he is in a neutral sign. Venus leads us to seek answers in the physical worldly and expresses an optimistic belief that change is possible.  Venus is seated in the early degrees of Cancer which clarifies his sense of purpose and intention. This also indicates that his ideals will manifest in the world. When Lord Vishnu incarnated to manifest the lessons of Venus, he appeared as a Warrior-Philosopher, Parashurama, who remained on Earth for thousands of years to defeat the forces of selfishness, greed, oppression and darkness so that truth, purity and charity could survive. The message for us in this eclipse is that if we do not take action to increase positive values; the world will slip into darkness and oppression. We must defend the light or it will be extinguished. The conjunction with Mars and aspect of Ketu will increase the intensity of the struggle.

United States of America (true nodes):

4 July 1776; 18:30 Philadelphia, PA

For the US,  this eclipse will bring about significant change. Firstly, the shadow crosses the country which indicates that the most intense effects will be manifested here. Secondly, the US chart is being ruled by Rahu since 25 September 2015 and thirdly, Rahu and Ketu are returning to the natal position in the US chart and will be there until 24 March 2019. Rahu and Ketu will be exactly on their natal positions from 3 May 2018 until 13 May 2018. Furthermore, on 10 June 2018 the US chart changes from Rahu/Rahu leadership to Rahu/Jupiter. The period from May through June 2018 promises a change toward healing and integrating the challenging lessons of the first part of the eclipse period.

The US chart has Sagittarius rising, which is ruled by Jupiter who embodies the essential energy of the country.  Sagittarius signifies the idea that all people can, with effort, realize the unity of all mankind. The true American ideal is not material wealth but individual freedom where all people are treated equally. I see that this eclipse and the related planetary movements will return the country to a higher manifestation of a “more perfect union” among our people and between all the people of the world.

Leo occupies the 9th house of good fortune and luck which comes from prior actions in the US chart. The eclipse at 4 degrees of Leo is 1 degree from the Yogi Point of the US chart. This is the degree which activates stored good fortune and promises success. An eclipse on this point may limit the prosperity of the country during the initial eclipse period. Additionally, the Moon in the US chart is seated at 7 degrees of Aquarius opposite the eclipse point. This indicates separation and rejection from partners, friends and colleagues during the early part of the eclipse period.

The Moon is conjunct Ketu and is being aspected by the transiting debilitated Mars which will disturb the mind of the country and will give rise to anger, aggression and fanaticism. These energies must be expressed so that they may be resolved by the contradiction of the masses who do not embody these ideas.

President Donald J Trump

14 June 1946; 10:54 Queens, NY

President Trump has Leo rising in his birth chart. You can see that the eclipse, which will occur at 4 degrees 46 minutes occurs very close to his Ascendant point and Mars. The first house indicates a person’s body and particularly the head. This indicates a risk of a medical crisis related to a sudden cardiac event, brain or blood disease. Mars also brings the risk of violence.

Saturn is stationing at 27 degrees of Scorpio which is the exact degree of Ketu who causes endings and transitions. Saturn is also transiting the 12th house lord, Moon, who also indicates endings and transitions. Saturn is also said to destroy the houses where he gazes and his aspect to the first house is another troubling aspect for President Trump. Mercury as 2nd lord indicates major transitions and is placed in the ascendant which brings further indications of change for President Trump. Finally, the True Node placement puts Rahu (co-ruler of the 7th house – maraka) in the first house with Ketu ending his transit of the 7thhouse. It is difficult to imagine that he will remain in office for the duration of his first term.

On the eclipse, Jupiter is within 2 degrees of his natal Jupiter in Virgo and Venus is placed within 2 degrees of his natal Venus in early Cancer. This further indicates that this eclipse will have a deep personal impact on the President. Together these planets represent higher wisdom and worldly knowledge, respectively. Jupiter and Venus are the advisors to the king. In President Trump’s birth chart, both Jupiter and Venus are associated with 6thLord, Saturn which signifies hidden enemies. This may explain why President Trump is always seeking loyalty from his advisors. Also, Venus is aspected by Ketu which causes Trump to reject practical advisors and Jupiter is aspected by Rahu who creates fear/mistrust of advisors who have a philosophical bent. Thus, the pattern of changing advisors is ingrained in the birth chart and not likely to change. Jupiter and Venus are both considered supportive planets and in his birth chart they form a protective yoga that supports his health and success in life. At the eclipse, this yoga is broken by the presence of Mars in Cancer. The effect of Mars is likely to bring a crisis; but, Mars’ role as Yoga Karaka may give President Trump the strength to fight on.

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