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Seeds of Heaven is supporting Consciousness-BasedSMSchools around the world. Below is an excerpt of their most recent newsletter summarising their projects around the world.

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“Here’s a taste of progress and happiness at some of the schools recently. Classroom and meditation halls rising. Consciousness-Based Education training, Residence Courses, and TM-Sidhi®courses for teachers. Delight of students with their meditation, classes, sports. Be sure to catch the video!

Dhammajarinee Witthaya School (DWS) in Thailand.

With space for up to 2000, the new Meditation Hall will be the largest Vastu building in the world dedicated to the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program®, generating harmony and peace for Thailand and all of Southeast Asia.

Experts in Consciousness-Based Education recently came to Thailand from Australia, Holland, and the United States to share their knowledge and experience. DWS teachers are excited for classes to begin in May, happy that the principles they learned will enrich their courses.

Teachers and students will soon be using a large new classroom building designed according to Maharishi Vastu® architecture. The Meditation Hall, which will be constructed starting in May, has specially auspicious Vedic measurements for meditation. Its structure will be very strong to support Yogic Flying. Both buildings are being built to good standards.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Students practice the TM® and TM-Sidhi program daily in school.

Recent Residence Courses gave teachers at Tilingatar High School and the Military High School in Kathmandu an opportunity to prepare for the school year beginning in April by gaining deep rest and knowledge.

Here you see the most recent step in building the new Meditation Hall for the Tilingatar High School in Kathmandu. It is rising quickly and will be the future home for 700 Yogic Fliers — the Super Radiance number for the whole of Nepal!



Les Étoiles Brillantes, Mali.

On April 15, three teachers from the Les Étoiles Brillantes school graduated from the TM-Sidhi program course. Now they are enjoying the opportunity to help create coherence for the school and community. Everyone is happy. Grade 9 will be taking national exams in June.

Peace High School, Uganda.

After passing the national standard Primary Leaving exam in December, these EDAPO boys joined other EDAPO students for their high school education.

They have all just finished the first term of the 2018 year and are happy they are able to continue their group practice of the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi program as students at Peace High School.


Ideal Girls High School (IGHS), Uganda.

October and November are always a very focused time for Ugandan students as they prepare to take the national exams that allow them to continue their education for the last two years of high school. This year 90% of IGHS students passed!

With the school year that started in February, Ideal Girls High School students were happy to welcome more students. Eight of the new girls graduated from EDAPO Primary School in December. They all love the large Meditation Hall building where there is good space in rooms for TM and for Yogic Flying.

EDAPO Primary School, Uganda.

Now that students are living in the new dormitories they moved into in March, they are greatly enjoying deeper rest in meditation and higher jumps in sports. 

The teachers, parents, guardians, and leaders in all these schools are inspired by the growth they see in these young people.

Thank you again for your part in helping make Consciousness-Based Education a possibility for them.

Graham de Freitas

Program Manager, Seeds of Heaven

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