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With so much movement video to watch these days, where do you start? Well, with a little help from my friends on Purusha, here are a few videos you can watch which tickled us most this year. If there are some videos which you think should be included in this list please let me know and I have included a section at the end of this post entitled “Your Suggestions”. Come back here for your updates.

Some of these recommendations are not restricted to 2018, but because we think they are so good we have included them also. Most are on the Maharishi Channel web site or YouTube.

Sessions with Dr. Tony Nader, MD, PhD – Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam – of ‘questions and answers’ organized by Raja Hagelin, Raja of the United States, and broadcast during the Guru Purnima celebrations of 2018. Go here, and scroll down to each of the sessions on August 04, 08, 11. 13, and hit the play button for each.

Dr Neil Patterson on the history of Maharishi’s role in creating world peace. This outstanding video is a remarkable insight into Maharishi’s personal role in creating world peace and averting global conflict, described by Dr Patterson, who was Maharishi’s personal secretary for many years. Highly recommended viewing. Click here and scroll half way down the page to Jul 09, then click the play button.

Shadows of Paradise. This is actually not a movement production as such, but is a beautifully crafted piece of cinematography and story-telling from the time of Maharishi’s passing and the next few years. Focussing mostly on David Lynch and Bobby Roth its subtlety and imagery is an absolute delight. Go here to watch the trailer and you can rent or buy the movie for a few dollars.

Dr Ernst Schrot on Maharishi Marma Therapy, Maharishi Global Family Chat, 1-11-2017 on YouTube.

Raja Kingsley – Nepal, Ukraine Israel, S. Korea Afghanistan 2018.08.06 Global Family Chat. Go here, scroll down to Aug 06 and click on the Play button.

Raja Harris gives us a glimpse of the tremendous expansion throughout India – land of the Veda – Ved Bhumi Bharat. Go here, scroll down to Sept 01 and click on the Play button.

Here are a few short ones:

Maharishi on Ideal Relationships, (3 min.):  

Maharishi — Brain is Made of Memory on YouTube.

TM and Self Love, Dr Tony Nader (2 min.):

Before You Judge Yourself, watch this (2 min.):

How young people can change the world, Dr Tony Nader (2 min.):

Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern on TM and success (3 min.):

Some young TV stars on how TM has transformed them (2 min.):

In October in Washington DC, there was an event featuring some prominent physicians and educators, including several from America’s National Defense University and the University of Chicago, describing the evidence-based value of introducing Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programmes in colleges and high schools. In the following link, if you go to the 53 minute point (it is all good before that as well!), you will see a short video describing how TM is impacting education in several US cities. And following that, Dr John Wolf from the University of Chicago describes the remarkable research they are doing in some of Chicago’s most difficult inner city schools:

Catholic Health World on TM at Loyola of Chicago:
Dr. Gregory Gruener, vice dean for education and a neurology professor at Loyola University, Stritch College of Medicine, said he practices TM, and he openly credits it with reducing his own stress. “You have to embrace wellness and you have to find the time to take control of your own life,” he said. “Once you begin TM, that gets easier.”

Secret Ingredients. Produced by the Institute for Responsible Technology (which is not leading the march on the dangers of GMO’s). A compelling film which tracks several families who are trying to live a healthy life but are beset by numerous chronic ailments. Only after eliminating all foods which contain GMO’s and glyphosate do they have dramatic turnaround and begin to live a truly healthy life. The science is now clear on how damaging are GMO and glyphosate. Go here to see the trailer and a brief description, with several options on how you can see the full film for a few dollars.

Your Suggestions

Beautiful Vedic recitations by Maharishi Vedic Pandits – many ebook links including Ashta Lakshmi Stotram and Hanuman Chalisa and more at
 Mar 03, 2018 – Celebrating Dr. Bevan Morris’s birthday with a historic presentation by Dr. Morris on the History of Maharishi in the World.   
April 09, 2018 – A video lecture by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the ‘Art of Taking Right Decision’, 17 July 1971, Amherts, MA, USA
July 06 and 07, 2018 – Rasayana for Long Life with Vaidya Manohar Palakurthi, Maharishi Vaidya, professor of Clinical Medicine at Maharishi University of Management, USA–parts 1 and 2
July 17 and 18, 2018 – The Significance of Raja Training by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, parts 1 and  2

Nov 08, 2018 – Review of the upcoming courses with Dr Tony Nader, Md, PhD, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam with Dr. Bevan Morris and Raja Paul. (includes at the end, Bevan reading the transcript of Maharishi’s beautiful Dipavali talk in 1972, which was played during this year’s Dipavali celebration)

You could check out the video and audio posted on KHOE radio website
3,000 School Children Meditate Together For Peace, from Mandanappale, Madhya Pradesh  (short but really nice video)
Kali Yuga Bye Bye song
You can check out the great videos posted on , which includes the Kali Yuga Bye Bye song, Neil Paterson’s review of Maharishi’s role in the world, the wonderful talk by Raja Luis on the Mechanics of Yagya, and the talk below by Raja Harris, as well as other talks.
Raja Harris gives a beautiful talk on ‘The role of giving in the Vedic tradition and how you personally benefit’. This talk is both enlightening and inspiring. He gives many quotes from the Vedic literature and explaines their significance in relation to the knowledge and technologies that Maharishi has unfolded for the benefit of us all, in particular Yagyas. Click the picture to enjoy the talk.
‘The technique for receiving help from the surroundings lies in our own attitude of giving. If we want to receive maximum help at all times, we must have an attitude of giving. It is a law of nature that if you want to receive you must give. If you are sincere in giving, you receive many times over in return.’
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Science of Being and Art of Living 

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