The Joy of Dipavali

Happy Dipavali!

The three principal celebrations days of Dipavali, the Festival of Lights, are Dhanvantari Day, Hanuman Jayanti, and day of Mahalakshmi.

Dhanvantari Jayanti

celebrates the emergence of Dhanvantari, the presiding intelligence over Ayur Veda, from the churning of the Ocean of Milk, bearing in his hands the Amrit Kalash (vessel of immortality) for the benefit of mankind. He represents the lively field of immortality, the state of perfect balance at the wellspring of creation that bestows perfect health and long life on all who partake of his gifts.

Hanuman Jayanti

is in honor of Hanuman, whose uninterrupted devotion to Rām, Natural Law incarnate, restored the memory of his divine inner nature and gave him dominion over the full range of relative existence. Remembrance of Hanuman opens us to the infinite possibilities in life and removes obstacles on the way to enlightenment.

Day of Mahalakshmi

marks the high point of Dipavali, when Mahalakshmi, the aspect of Mother Divine who bestows inner and outer fullness on all creation is most lively in the world. Lakshmi resides primarily in the heart in human physiology, and brings fortune and great wealth on all levels of life, material, mental, and spiritual. 

In November, 2000, Maharishi said:

“This is the vision of what I want to tell you. Here is Mother Divine seated in the heart of everyone, on the basis of the scientific research of physiology of professor Nader Ram, now the first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. This is Mahalakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Mother Divine, the custodian of the treasury of the Global Country of World Peace. Just as in every home the mother keeps the purse to give to the children. If you want anything, go to mother, and she will give you. Like that, Mother Divine, in charge of the treasury of eternal affluence in the self-referral intelligence of everyone.

Now you created the Country of World Peace. Have the blessing of Mother Divine; she is there ready with the bowl of coins. Coins are falling. Take it, take it, take it, whatever you want, how much you want—like the ocean is full there, take a pot; small pot will bring some small water, big pot will bring big water. There are illustrations in the Vedic literature: “He drank the whole ocean.”

It is a very great thing. Just look to the vision of Mother Divine. See the coins falling from a pot, which is endlessly full. This is Vedic wisdom. This is the wisdom of natural law. There is a field where affluence is available in plenty. Use this knowledge.”


O Agni, please pray to that Lakshmi
that we should be blessed with inexhaustible wealth.
May that wealth bring greatest joy and peace
along with all material comforts,
and, highest of all, Liberation.
~ Shri Sukta

May all the blessings of Dhanvantari, Hanumanji, and Mahalakshmi be yours throughout the coming year!

Jai Guru Dev

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