Australian bushfires – “What can we do?”

“What can we do?”

In the face of overwhelming fiery drama on TV news, and messages from our friends experiencing it first hand it seems impossible that on our own we can do anything to stem this giant onslaught. But on the level of consciousness there are practical actions which can have an impact, even from our own level of individuality. 

Most importantly, the Vedic procedures of Yagya can address natural disasters directly by enlivening those laws of nature which bring balance. By its very nature, a disaster is a situation out of balance, often induced by activity which is in violation of natural law. Therefore it is necessary to effectively re-establish balance at its root cause. But how is this possible? There are innumerable situations happening all the time for which there can be no discernible cause. On the relative level, fire can be said to have casual factors such as drought, climate change, excess flammable material, poor forest management, lightning strike, agricultural mismanagement, etc. There can be endless discussions and arguments on this, but the when and the where of a flareup is deeper than the intellect, and the companion system of natural law to Yagya is Jyotish, which can identify key cosmic influences which can cause a significant imbalance. Where Jyotish identifies why an event is occurring, Yagya is able to address it.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science teaches that every thought and action creates influences which spread throughout the universe from where they ultimately reflect back to the originator. This is the principle of, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap,’ which tells us that our thoughts and actions create influences which always return to us at some later time. With the help of Jyotish, it is possible to precisely calculate at what time what kind of influence, created by our past thoughts and actions, will return to us.

Maharishi explains that through the Yagya Programme we can take responsibility for our past actions and neutralize their effect, because Yagya performances are from that transcendental level from where the result of an action emerges. Through the Yagya Programme, individuals and whole nations can be saved from the influence of their past actions.

Yagya performances are the reverberations of the transcendental reality, and they produce specific effects. They can help avert undesirable circumstances and enhance the success of any undertaking, because they are the performance of total Natural Law, the performance of the will of God, which is much more powerful than any destructive power that exists in the world.

Yagyas performed for the individual or for a nation bring support of nature for the intended purpose, called a sankalpa, to enliven natural law bringing fulfilment to all.

The system of Yagya is the profound knowledge and technology of the reverberations of the Unified Field of Natural Law—the sounds of the Mantra of the Veda—that have been preserved for countless generations in the most ancient living tradition of knowledge on earth—the Vedic Tradition of India. Maharishi has revived the system of Yagya in its purity and effectiveness, and he has trained thousands of Vedic Pandits of India in their performance, to neutralize negativity in world consciousness and restore balance in Nature.

The Jyotish and Yagya Programmes are for the development of enlightenment—life free from dependence on surroundings and circumstances, and mastery over one’s own destiny. It is possible to live life free from suffering and problems through the preventive influence of Yagya performances. Yagya is a means to accomplish perfection in life.’


The Jyotish Programme

Jyotish is a precious discipline of Vedic Science. It is the science and technology of consciousness and commands authority over the whole range of the ever-expanding universe. It’s contribution is enlightenment, self-sufficiency, invincibility and all possibilities in the life of any individual and nation.


In Australia, Yagyas are continually being performed to create balance where there has been violation of natural law caused by human activity. Currently, a Yagya is being organised for the current fire situation in Australia (link), and to participate it is possible to make a donation for  the desired goal of ending the fires and to ring rain, performed by the Maharishi Pundits in India. You can contact the Ambassador of the Brahmananda Saraswati Foundation in Australia, Peter Fenwick, on in order to participate.

Meditators (anyone, in fact) are being encouraged to play the Rain Raga continually, which functions on the level of sound in the environment and can create balance in nature. Here are the links for downloading the Rain Melody (can be downloaded as mp3 file as well). Raga Megh (Rain-Melody) Maharishi Gandharva-Veda mp3 file with very good quality can be downloaded from here:

video files can be downloaded here (they are all the same):
NOTE: you don’t have to listen to this day and night. Just start playing it, set on moderate volume, place the player in some corner in your apartment/house and let it run day and night repeating the same audio file over and over again.

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