MGFamily Chat 24 March 2020 – A very special time of major transformation – Raja Luis

Raja Luis Alvarez

Raja Luis echoed the words of Maharaja a few days ago, that we are passing through a very special time of transformation, where the creation of coherence is so important by all our Movement family, and the Maharishi Jyotishis have said last year that 2020 will be a year of major transformation, and probably the world will not be the same after this.

This means consciousness needs to rise more and grow more in order to bridge the gap that is felt now in the world, in its destiny and its direction. 

Maharishi’s knowledge has the power of coherence and world transforming ability to bring the best out of a challenging time like this. At such a time we focus inward to increase the coherence for the whole world to soften up the process. If we use this time well and do our best, we’ll remember it in future as the final transition time to a period when all mankind is growing in consciousness, and the boundaries, the concepts, the limitations, were tested to the limit in order to increase our capacity as mankind for the time that has to come, a time that is building up month after month forso many years with our coherence-creating programme, of a new time which is on the horizon.

We are using the two tools Maharishi gave us, Yoga and Yagya. Through our programme of transcending, Yoga, we keep on tickling world consciousness to raise world consciousness. And we are promoting many many Yagyas to help this critical time.

According to the Maharishi Jyotishis, February 19 to 21 was the most critical period – that was when the Coronavirus first blew up globally. Now the most delicate period, a more inward time, is March and April, when there is more fear and shock. This will start to come down in May and June, and it will be gradually better. Then in August/September the world will be breathing more normally.

What is going to come out of it will be a huge transformation. A totally new time is coming, new thinking that will be completely different than now. The value of Dharma, action in support of natural law, is growing in this transformation. Consciousness will become a major player in every field of life – education, business, politics, etc. Already for the youth the internet is like a field of consciousness, so some flavour is coming up. 

What we are doing at this time when many schools are being closed, is to start programmes for online study at home. Already 70 to 80 schools in Mexico have an online programme that allows us to reach more students with a small number of TM Teachers. So now we are expanding that, and preparing much bigger programmes for when the schools open again. We are training more TM Teachers and also integrating our knowledge with their programmes so they receive it in a familiar way in their own language.

A very good time is coming when we will have huge numbers of schools and millions of students, so we take this time to be patient and we do all that the health authorities recommend and stay healthy and focused.

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  1. Ellinor Werner says:

    Grateful for this importent info

  2. Jane says:

    Thankyou fir this important info

  3. Adile Esen says:

    Thank you, Raja Luis. We, meaning, our programs are like the ventilators to humanity. Thank you for all you always do. Jai Guru Dev

  4. Ann Lloyd says:

    Grateful to hear this.

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