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Consciousness-based education and it’s astronomical growth

Contracts have been signed to have 27.5 million children learn TM in schools around the world. Europe now has 52 EU-funded TM-in-schools ‘clusters’.

Dr Tony Nader’s recent videos have been viewed 40 million times, and the world’s largest publisher has contracted with him to publish his next book this autumn.

25 prominent US hospitals are starting pilot studies on TM for reducing stress and strengthening immunity in doctors and nurses, and 8 Veterans Administration hospitals are beginning the largest-ever study on meditation and PTSD.

And most promising: millions of people world-wide are now taking responsibility for their own health, many for the first time. “You tell me your ill and I’ll give you my pill!”, is losing its luster, and people are demanding evidence-based knowledge: they’re requesting info on immunity and prevention through diet, meditation and common sense life-style wisdom.

Superb videos on developments in Transcendental Meditation and  Maharishi AyurVeda

#1 – Dr Nancy Lonsdorf has has appeared on Oprah and the largest media platforms.

She is the author of A Woman’s Best Medicine, The Ageless Woman, and The Healthy Brain Solution. Dr Lonsdorf is a graduate of Stanford and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and has been practicing Ayurvedic Medicine for more than 30 years. A friend who watched her on the following link said, “When someone is 60 and looks like Nancy, I’ll do anything she says!” She’s a brilliant teacher, and gives simple tips: ‘What Your Brain Needs: 7 Keys to Staying Sharp’:



 #2 – “Life Changer: Self-care secrets to naturally transform your health in one month” with Dr. Keith Wallace

A 4-week series with evidence-based discoveries from Ayurveda and integrative medicine on stress, diet, digestion and gut health, weight loss, and more.

Conducted by Dr. Robert Keith Wallace (with guest experts): PhD from UCLA, Harvard researcher, widely published in peer-reviewed journals (starting nearly 50 years ago), Chair of the MIU Department of Physiology and Health, and author of several books, including Gut Crisis and The Rest and Repair Diet.

August 15: Week 1 – Why your gut health is vital – and how to easily improve it

August 22: Week 2 – The Ayurvedic approach to achieving your ideal weight naturally

August 29: Week 3 – Probiotics, prebiotics and more – creating optimal health from the inside out

September 5: Week 4 – Cultivating self-care habits that nourish you and enliven your inner being


#3 ‘Beyond Immunity: Transforming Health’, an MIU sponsored webinar featuring leaders from the global medical community:  Dr Tony Nader was the Keynote speaker and Sankari Wegman, MS, from MIU’s Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine Faculty gave overview and health tips at the end.

Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., is an author, medical doctor, and neuroscientist trained at M.I.T. and Harvard University, as well as a globally recognized scholar in the fields of meditation, yoga, and consciousness. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s successor, Dr. Nader is the head of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations, and oversees Consciousness-Based programs in the fields of education, health, business, etc., in more than 100 countries.

#3-B Dr Nader on ‘Breaking the Cycle of Fear and Anxiety’: Have we even forgotten how to breathe? Research and experience shows that many people, due to stress, anxiety, poor habits, pollution, etc., have forgotten the natural, healthy, lung-supporting way of breathing. Dr Nader gives a brilliant description of correct breathing and then gives simple, practical, easy-to-do techniques to remind the viewer. The beginning of a beautiful series of advanced instructions in Pranayama (easy breathing). In Day #2 at the beginning he gives a clear explanation of natural breathing, and then he begins the instruction:  A complete review and summary of the three weeks of instruction in Pranayama (this lesson is extraordinary, highly recommended):

#4 Kids, Families, and the Coronavirus—Why Overcoming Stress Is More Important Than Ever (Parts 1 & 2) 

William Stixrud, Ph.D., clinical neuropsychologist and best-selling author, discusses how the pandemic causes extreme stress for kids, teens, and parents. He explains teen depression and anxiety, the importance of a sense of control and intrinsic motivation for lifelong happiness, and how our brains adapt to change. Insightful discussion of topics of interest for parents, grandparents, teachers, etc.

#5 Congressman Tim Ryan on “Healing America: How Meditation can help Government Leaders and the Country as a Whole”. No politics are discussed! This is a delightful and interesting discussion. Presenting a new and hopeful vision for the future.


More videos (non-movement) worth watching:

The Game Changers (documentary): It turns out that many of the world’s most elite athletes, and health and strength icons,  have in the last few years become vegetarian, or almost entirely vegetarian/vegan. Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Jackie Chan, Serena and Venus Williams, Novak Djokovik, Lewis Hamilton, 14 members of the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, Tom Brady, some of the world’s strongest men and women, etc.

Arnold said he used to make ‘real men eat meat’ commercials: “It is all marketing. We sell people on how they need to eat meat to be strong, and then we sell them on taking the drugs they need to try to get well!” I hadn’t heard about this documentary before, but it is science-based, entertaining and thought provoking. Click on this, watch the trailer, and you’ll likely want to watch the whole thing…:

Dr. Zach Bush on COVID 19, glyphosate and the nature of viruses (mentioned in a previous newsletter):

Interviewed by Jeff Smith, a former Purusha. Dozens of people who watched this interview said they learned more about Coronavirus than from anything else they have read. Extraordinary and powerful;

“Dr. Zach Bush is one of the few triple board certified physicians in America including internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care. He is the founder and director of M Clinic integrative health center in Virginia with expertise in functional medicine, longevity, autism, gut health, cancer, palliative care, endocrinology and many other areas. In addition, Zach is an avid environmentalist and activist involved in a multitude of projects that focus on ecology, regenerative agriculture, farmer well-being and spirituality.”


And two heart warming videos

The Great Realization: a young father tells his son a bedtime story — about Covid-19! (4 min.):

‘On Gratitude’: A young girl and an old man — and beautiful time-lapse photography — remind us of the glory of gratitude:

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