Thank you

Dear reader

I am on my return journey to Uttarkashi from the USA and just wanted to thank you for your support in enabling me to attend the Advanced Maharishi Vedic Science Course in Orlando, Florida.

The course was outstanding, and a deep dive into knowledge with Maharaja at the helm guiding us into new realms of Vedic wisdom. There is no doubt there will be many outcomes from this course; the most enticing and intriguing being the unfolding of individual consciousness towards Brahmi Chetana.

I have created a post on my web site which includes some photos, highlights, messages from movement leaders, and outcomes of the course which you can find here.

Judging from the galaxy of enlightened souls at the course, there is no doubt that there is a new maturity in Maharishi's movement worldwide, accompanied by a profound unfolding of this new phase of Maharishi's knowledge which he gave to Maharaj to offer to everyone who is able to receive it. I feel that the implications for each of us individually, and the world as a whole, will be enormously significant. I'd like to express my appreciation of your support, either from your ongoing sponsorship or special donation for the course itself.

Kind regards and Jai Guru Dev