Happy Christmas & Seasons Celebrations,

and Thank you

Dear reader

I wanted to send you a short message (it's a busy time of year!) wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year. I sincerely hope the coming year for you will be even better than this year (what a year of change it has been!) and every imaginable fulfilment comes your way.

Your kind support for Purusha is a fundamental contribution to transforming the world towards creating heaven on earth, and is a partnership which is a treasure beyond measure!
I thank you for not only supporting me personally to be on Purusha, but for the enormous role you play in this incredibly positive growth in the whole world consciousness.
And what of the future? In Maharishi's words; "unimaginable, unimaginable, unimaginable bright future of mankind".

Kind regards and Jai Guru Dev

PS With a bit of luck and a good headwind, you should be getting your 2018 Vedic Calendar by mid-January. If you've changed your address in the last year please let me know ASAP.