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May 2019

Dear reader

Greetings from Uttarkashi.

It's beautiful spring and summer here in the Himalayas, It is also well overdue to send you this newsletter; I trust it is worth the wait. Allow me now to dive back into the Purusha program -- as you will see below this year's Jyotish requires as much of the transcendent to be available as possible to smooth out the bumps anticipated this year.
Calendar -- Thanks for the feedback for the 2019 Vedic Calendar - if the mail didn't deliver to you please let me know.
Newsletter -- It is quite obvious that the Jyotish indications for 2019 have been correct and could be even more tenuous the remainder of the year. Included in this newsletter is a link to a good quality review of this year's Jyotish and what is in store for us (also video).
Upgrade -- a reminder that my web site at has numerous videos of Maharishi, Maharaj, John Hagelin, David Lynch, Bob Roth, Paul McCartney, and more sprinkled all over the site. Recommendations from your side also welcome.

Jai Guru Dev
MMY flowers
"The world has been torn apart by ignorance. Life is a very, very precious jewel. Every individual is cosmic in his nature, Aham Brahmasmi, is the ideal of life. Aham Brahmasmi is not the ideal of life of only the Vedic parts of people in the world, Aham Brahmasmi , the reality of anyone, whether he is a Muslim, or a Christian, or a Japanese, or Chinese, or anyone. Because Atma is not a speciality of anyone class of people on earth. Atma or the Self, self-interacting dynamics has been found to be, there has been researched into, as the ultimate reality of the quantum mechanical field. And unless that is brought to the awareness to each man on Earth, each man on Earth is the victim of very incomplete education. It's cruel!"
---Maharishi Channel on 5 Nov. 1999
‘Present systems of education in the various countries of the world only give the students informatory knowledge. There is nothing precise in the field of education today which will really develop the inner values of mind, body and spirit. Therefore whatever education is received by the people is just on the surface level of information. In every subject certain information is given about that subject, and if a student is able to remember the information he passes the course. The current system of education prepares the student only for a recognized career in the society primarily for earning a living.
‘There is no field of inner values of life open to the students. The information about the inner world of the mind and spirit is closed. It is surprising how the more substantial aspects of inner life which form the very basis of all the outer life and existence have been ignored for so long a time all over the world. It is now high time that, along with the outer fields of all the different branches of learning, education be provided to the students in the inner spheres of life. Without the knowledge of the Absolute, and without the practice of Transcendental Meditation to unfold the mental faculties, education remains incomplete. The responsibility for keeping this generation of students out of contact with the inner values of life and the field of the permanent basis of existence lies on the shoulders of those wise men who are responsible for the present curriculum in every country.’
—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Science of Being and Art of Living
2019 Jyotish update
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Jyotish: Read this quality overview & see the video for 2019 and the most pressing influences still to come. Your best protection? TM and TM-Sidhis especially group programs including Residence courses and WPA's; And Maharishi Yagyas.
Read more

Present systems of education & The Vedic System of Earning
MMY speaking to crowd
In this post Maharishi compares present systems
of education with the Vedic system and then outlines the Vedic system of earning
Read here

News Updates:
Watch a marine veteran make a presentation on Capitol Hill on how TM has a crucial role in ending suicide (his own experience) and PTSD among veterans (video).

A $2 billion verdict this week was announced against Monsanto on a couple suffering cancer from the effects of Roundup (video)
Maharishi Vedic Pundits
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Earlier this year I spent several weeks with Purusha at the Brahmasthan of India. We enjoyed on a daily basis Vedic recitations by the pundits, all of which were outstanding. Plus the environment that has been created there is sublime and superb; very comfortable and with excellent food - in all great potential for spiritual progress. Well worth making a booking soon.
Vedicpandits web site and Photos of my visit
Quotes on how Transcendental Meditation relieves stress and anxiety
See how people under pressure say how TM enables them to cope.

Why do so many celebrities endorse TM?

These videos convey how TM enhances creativity as well as how it helps in coping with the challenges of celebrity
Good news-Future Crunch
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Future Crunch, based in Melbourne, have developed a worldwide reputation for positivity, creativity, scientific insight, and more.
Latest from Future Crunch and click on the Good News tab

Global Good News now has an excellent Facebook page with plenty of good news items and videos.
Enjoy TM News - articles and videos

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Enjoy TMNews is now a quality TM newsmagazine with plenty of news and links this month featuring: "Staying Healthy AyurVeda" by Dr Nancy Lonsdorf;
a new web site for Dr Tony Nader for the exploration of higher states of consciousness and;
David Lynch on how a million meditators are finding inner peace and creating better lives
Here is the latest news.
The Shurangama Sutra of Buddhism and the Transcendental Meditation Technique
Snap 2019-05-15 at 21.51.21
Dr Bevan Morris -
A discussion between Lord Buddha and twenty-five of his greatest Bodhisattvas (enlightened) on the ultimate method for gaining Samadhi and the state of enlightenment: '...Manjushri (a Bodhisattva) goes on to say directly to Anand (Anand represents 'every man' in the world, who sincerely aspires for enlightenment): "Anand and all you, who..." read on
close your eyes and transcend
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