Extended Maharishi Effect

Over many years Maharishi published many advertisements promoting his Vedic Technology of Defence and his other programs to create world peace. This advert was published on the back cover of Jane’s Defence Weekly (on 1 December 1999), the pre-eminent journal for those interested and involved in military and defence issues. The ads gave a vision to the world that peace through consciousness based programs was now an option for world leaders.


2 Responses

  1. 1999. 20 years have elapsed. What about a series of ads in several world wide publications that decision makers and activists read. Activists jiggle the box. Decision makers need info to quell their fear if the unknown. Together, stuff happens. Remember, folks need to see something at least 7 times to even register the idea. Seven. More is better.

    • A says:

      Good idea. This was the approach Maharishi frequently used and it would be timely to reenliven it, I think.

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