Global Country of World Peace

The Global Country of World Peace was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as a consortium of educational organizations in more than 100 countries working to create a new era of peace, progress and prosperity in our world family.

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The Global Country of World Peace is a “nation without borders” promoting unity consciousness and the reduction of the narrow nationalism that divides humanity from humanity. It is a home for peace-loving people everywhere.

The domain of the Global Country of World Peace is CONSCIOUSNESS—the prime mover of life—the ground state of natural law, the field of all possibilities. The Global Country of World Peace is a non-political, non-religious global organization and does not usurp any of the functions of existing governments, nor does it replace them in any way.

The Global Country of World Peace takes a parental role towards every government. It will support and nourish the ideal for which all governments are structured—the maintenance of well-being and progress throughout society. The sole purpose of the Global Country of World Peace is to enliven consciousness, the field of all possibilities, and to create a time for the world family that is free from struggle and suffering and in which every individual will be enlightened, spontaneously functioning in accordance with all the Laws of Nature.

On this basis, people will not make mistakes in daily life and every level of government will enjoy Automation in Administration—problem-free administration for unlimited progress and achievement.


The Global Country of World Peace offers Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness brought out to the world more than 50 years ago from the Vedic tradition of knowledge. Veda is the totality of Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—which upholds the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding universe in perfect harmony, peace and progress.


Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology—which features Transcendental Meditation® (TM) and its advanced programs including Yogic Flying—systematically develops individual and collective consciousness to spontaneously reflect Nature’s perfect administration so that positive values blossom in all areas of life.
More than 600 scientific research studies conducted at over 250 universities and research institutions in 33 countries have show the profound benefits of these programs in all areas of individual life—mind, body, behavior, and society. Research further shows that even a small number of experts in Maharishi’s Technologies of consciousness can reduce conflict and social stress and transform the trends of time towards a new era of peace and prosperity for their nation and the entire world family.

The Global Country of World Peace offers practical programs to systematically bring all fields of life in alliance with the Government of Nature, that is our own inner nature and can easily be unfolded through proper education.

Now, every individual can awaken their total brain potential in enlightenment—the blossoming of their full creativity, intelligence and happiness—and every nation can enjoy true sovereignty—invincibility—freedom from all problems and suffering that shadow the dignity of humankind.

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