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“Purusha is a very ideal program. It is a wonderful program for the individual to harness the full creative potential of Natural Law and use it to enjoy bliss. World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it.” Maharishi

Purusha are foremost amongst the peacemakers in the world alongside the other coherence creators you see on this site. Engaged full time in the programs of Maharishi’s Transcendental and TM-Sidhi techniques, the most advanced technologies of consciousness, they are quietly and effectively transforming world consciousness from suffering and strife to harmony, world peace, and heaven on earth.

The main Purusha groups in the world are in India, USA, Germany, Holland, and Ukraine. Every nation should have its own Purusha group to stabilise collective consciousness in the nation and contribute to establishing lasting world peace.

Silent Administration

Both Maharishi Vedic Science and modern physics describe a field of infinite, unmanifest energy and intelligence at the basis of physical creation. This Unified Field of all the laws of nature gives rise to all forms and phenomena in creation and is the home of all the laws of nature. From this silent, transcendental level the whole universe is administered with amazing precision and orderliness.

Enlivening Natural Law in the World

In their practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, the members of the Maharishi Purusha Program experience the silent depths of the Unified Field deep within themselves. Through group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program, Purusha groups around the world enliven the Unified Field in national and world consciousness, thereby awakening the positive and evolutionary laws of nature in the collective consciousness of every nation and the world. Scientific research on group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi program verifies that group practice creates a reduction of societal stress, accidents, wars, terrorism, and a myriad of other negative manifestations of stress which arise due to the violation of natural law.

Enlightenment for the Individual, Invincibility for the Nation

From the level of the Silent AdministrationSM of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, pure bliss consciousness, the members of the Maharishi Purusha Program are helping to create a world free from problems and suffering, a world in tune with all the laws of nature, while enjoying profound growth towards personal Enlightenment and higher states of consciousness.

How to join and support Purusha

To find out more on Purusha’s achievements for the world, how to join Purusha, and how to support Purusha’s goal to create lasting world peace and heaven on earth, go to purusha.org

You can also sponsor me (the creator of this site) as a long term full-time member of Purusha for 28 years. Simply click on the Donate icon to the right (payment is on a secure site via credit card, PayPal or via your bank, either one-off or recurring.

4 Responses

  1. Joseph Omach says:

    Thank you very much for your long standing contribution to creation of a world free from suffering through Purusha.

    • A says:

      Thank you Joseph. Yes, indeed regarding the details of the ‘world in Data’ article, the presentation of why they believe some of the parameters occur falls short simply because they don’t have a consciousness-based understanding of why these sweeping changes in the world have happened. Nevertheless it is a spectacular presentation on how dramatic the changes have been in recent world history.

  2. Paul Cragg says:

    Dearest Andrew,

    It gives me great delight to make this first reoccurring payment in support of your goals to create world peace.

    May this be the first of many.

    Jai Guru Dev


    • A says:

      Dear Paul
      Thank you so much. Your kind support makes you an integral participant in one of Maharishi’s great ventures — the creation of Purusha and their long deep programs for coherence, harmony and world peace. So nice to have one more enlightened visionary enjoying the journey with us.

      Jai Guru Dev

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