World Peace – overview

There have been efforts to create peace throughout human history, and quite obviously, none have worked. Treaties and peace organisations function on the surface, relative level of life, where it was thought that amicable dialog could resolve differences amongst peoples and nations. History has proved this approach doesn’t work, and yet the world’s leaders still put their faith in a failed formula (see how and why they have failed here).

A new formula

A new formula was necessary, and it took an sage from the ancient Vedic tradition of India to light the way. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, recognised as the foremost exponent and seer of Vedic Science in the world, perceived the fallacy of the existing approach and its perpetuation of wars and strife. He identified that allowing the individual mind to go to a deeper level of functioning with the Transcendental Meditation technique had a beneficial influence not only on that person, but also on those around them, and he predicted in 1959 that just 1% of any population practicing his Transcendental Meditation technique could create an atmosphere of harmony throughout that whole population.

Find out more on Transcendental Meditation (TM) here.

Scientific research on coherence-creating power of TM and the TM-Sidhi Program

This 1% effect was verified in 1974 in USA by a UCLA research study, subsequently published in Scientific American, and since then 40 research studies around the world on both Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Program have shown to influence the behaviour of whole communities and cities, resulting in less crime, fewer accidents, and other negative tendencies.

They have also proved effective in volatile war zones, resulting in fewer conflict engagements and casualties, and internationally they have reduced tensions between nations and created a harmonious world consciousness when sufficient numbers of individuals have used the techniques in the same location at the same time (for more details on the research go here)

As the TM-Sidhi techniques are more powerful, fewer numbers of individuals practicing them together are required to create the same effect. The formula that has evolved is that in this case only the square root of 1% of a population is necessary to influence the whole population.

Coherence creating groups for World Peace


Creating coherence in Fairfield, Iowa, in the Golden Domes at Maharishi University of Management

As a consequence of this profound insight into the potency of individuals practicing these techniques in groups, along with the research validating the effect, Maharishi has been engaged in numerous programs to promote coherence in collective consciousness around the world.

From the beginning of his movement, Maharishi actively organised large courses worldwide which offered marvellous knowledge, but which also had the effect of creating coherence either locally or globally. Now with the advanced TM-Sidhi Program and research verifying its social effects, he began establishing permanent groups practicing these techniques around the world to stabilise both national and world consciousness.

These groups include the Maharishi Purusha Program, Maharishi Pundits in India and USA, the Invincible America course, the Mother Divine group for ladies, and so forth. These will be reviewed on this site; refer to the index panel above.

So with these groups functioning around the world, why has world peace not dawned?

The reason is that the groups are too small to create coherence for the entire world’s population. And this is simply due to funding. There are not many people who can engage in this kind of profession on a full time basis without financial support. It is therefore incumbent on governments and wealthy patrons around the world to sponsor these groups in their own interest. And indeed, anyone can support experienced professionals who have volunteered to join these groups full-time (see the sponsorship option to the right in the sidebar).

Significance at this time in world history

The world has suffered for too long on the basis of ignorance and failed attempts at peace, and too many nations as a consequence have stockpiled huge amounts of dangerous weaponry as a consequence of such failures. A considerable portion of the world’s attention and resources are continually drained away by the volatility between nations, which could more productively be put to use to address the pressing matters of poverty, hunger, health care, and education. Furthermore, once these pressing matters are addressed, the world can move forward to a time where life is characterised by wisdom rather than war, cooperation rather than domination, creativity rather than ignorance, in other words, Heaven on Earth.


Heaven on earth is possible on the ground of peace — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talks on unfolding heave on earth on the basis of peace




“I feel that Andrew is doing the most important thing possible for us all. Based on my own experience, and the research I have seen, the individual and worldwide benefits are profound. I have supported Andrew in his mission, and feel I have benefited multifold in return. I feel the Purusha group is especially qualified to perform the role of dissipating the tensions in the world, which is so important considering the potential consequences of stress buildup. I have been so impressed with Andrew’s dedication to this task. He is a special person. I am honored to offer whatever financial support I can.” -Marty H, USA

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