Happy Dipavali
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October 2019

The Joy of Dipavali

The Joy of Dipavali
Happy Dipavali!
The three principal celebrations days of Dipavali, the Festival of Lights, are Dhanvantari Day, Hanuman Jayanti, and day of Mahalakshmi.
Dhanvantari Jayanti celebrates the emergence of Dhanvantari, the presiding intelligence over Ayur Veda, from the churning of the Ocean of Milk, bearing in his hands the Amrit Kalash (vessel of immortality) for the benefit of mankind. He represents …
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Dear reader
My humble apologies for being somewhat reclusive and not communicating of late.
I'm in Australia attending to personal matters, in particular the passing of my mother. Even though a sad moment, my sisters and I took full advantage of celebrating her eventful and creative life at the funeral. It was so enriching to receive the enthusiastic and positive response from everyone afterwards on her achievements.
One of her first loves was poetry, and she published a beautiful little book (published in Calcutta) with most of her favourite poems. I thought to celebrate this also and have set up a small site with these poems (just a couple so far), which will include in due course photos featuring moments which I felt were endearing and illustrative. To enjoy follow this link.

Jai Guru Dev
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