Middle East TM News – Turkey and Palestine

Below are some very good developments in the Middle Eastern countries of Turkey and Palestine to further the unfoldment of pure consciousness for creating peace and harmony.


The Inauguration of the Maharishi Peace Palace in Istanbul, Turkey September 2, 2018

The first Maharishi Peace Palace in the Middle East was inaugurated in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 2, 2018.

An international delegation including Prime Minister Dr Bevan Morris, Raja Paul, Raja Antonio, Dr Ashley Deans, Dr Eike Hartmann, Wojtek Skalski and Gabriel Hartmann joined Turkish National Directors Albert and Vesile Baruh with Governors from across Turkey, to enjoy the traditional Vedic inauguration, beginning with an auspicious cow and calf ceremony.

During which the cow gave milk, not only to the calf, but generously on the ground as well.

Followed by a traditional circumambulation of the building.

A ribbon cutting at the entrance is followed by a first formal entry into the building.

Prime Minister Dr Bevan Morris introduces Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam to address the event.

Welcome and congratulations by Raja Paul, Raja Antonio, Dr Ashley Deans, and the Raj Rajeshwari of Turkey.

Dr Eike Hartmann, Global Minister of Architecture, joined by the Peace Palace architect, Wojtek Skalski, and International Vastu delegation member, Gabriel Hartmann, presents the Vastu building certification and gives congratulations to Turkish National Directors Drs Albert and Vesile Baruh.

Drs Albert and Vesile Baruh express their heartfelt appreciation.

Sen Tinaztepe (on right), a Founder of Maharishi’s Movement in Turkey, offers her congratulations.

On the following day, the international delegation continues its meetings in the Istanbul Maharishi Peace Palace with the leaders of the Transcendental Meditation Centers in Ankara, Izmir, and Adana, to hear their plans, inspired by the inauguration, to build Maharishi Peace Palaces with Vastu communities in their own cities. Raja Antonio presents plans for a 30-room Peace Palace in Lebanon. Dr Ashley Deans presents plans for Consciousness-based Education courses in the new Peace Palace.

The Centre leaders, standing at the entrance to the Istanbul Maharishi Peace Palace, view the surrounding land available for construction of a Vastu community.

The Vastu certification is mounted in the entrance hall.

Over the following days final furnishings, including curtains, are installed in the Assembly Hall …

In the dining hall…

And in the bedrooms.

The Maharishi Peace Palace in Istanbul now serves as a lighthouse of Total Knowledge, where regular courses and events are held for Turkey and the Middle East. A major event for the region will be the next Vastu Conference for Developers, planned for the Spring of 2019. The inauguration of this beautiful building has inspired a new resolve among leaders of Middle East countries to hasten the construction of Maharishi Peace Palaces and enlightened Vastu communities throughout the Middle East.



Following are excerpts of a newsletter and correspondence from the director of TM in Palestine and West Bank Territories, Basma Abu Sway. 

“I am happy to connect with you again to give you a brief update.

I have been focusing mostly on teaching TM to ladies from al Jalazoun refugee camp including some of their social workers. Many of the Mothers in the camp lost their children in the Middle East conflict.

It was very rewarding for me to see the Mothers finally experience some relief and relaxation and enjoy better rest at night.

Ladies from Al Jalazoun refugee camp after their TM meeting

In June, many people attended International Yoga Day celebration which was organized under the patronage of the Indian Representative office in Palestine and held in the city of Bethlehem. I gave a brief TM presentation to 150 people. It was a very receptive audience and a sign of the changing times in the Middle East.

Basma giving a brief presentation at International Yoga Day, June 2018

Balal, a Bethlehem Sidha, enjoying the event

There continue to be several schools interested to begin the TM program but more work needs to be done to inform everyone about the benefits of the TM program and answer their many questions. In addition, we found a new place to offer our TM Program at only $300/month. We have a private office but share a meeting hall and working space with other groups.

Lastly, we held a Residence Course in June and the course participants enjoyed deep rest, rejuvenation, and profound knowledge.

Course participants enjoying Residence Course in Ramallah

TM group from Ramallah and Al Jalazoun camp meet together over Ramadan meal

Once again I want to thank each of you for your kind, generous, and loving support over the years. Without you, I would not be here now teaching TM in Palestine.

With deep appreciation always, Jai Guru Dev
Basma Abu-Sway
Palestine National Director

From a newsletter in 2017

“Dear Supporter of the TM program in Palestine,

First and most importantly, I want to send my deepest gratitude and appreciation to each friend, supporter, and donor, who believed in me and the life-transforming technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM). Thank You for supporting me in this journey of teaching TM here in Palestine. I am delighted to share with you some of our progress using pictures to highlight my activities the last seven months, March-September, 2017.

With deep gratitude,

Basma Abu-Sway

Palestine National Director

Presentations: March 2017 to September 2017—

16 Introductory lectures on the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program were held and 11 TM courses were taught.

New Center —

On May 24, we opened our first TM center in Ramallah. At our opening we enjoyed good publicity and participation from key people representing government, non-governmental, and private sectors. Also many of our TM Practitioners and Sidhas attended. In addition, Jennifer Blair (on left) from Ireland, one of the first Teachers of TM in Palestine along with her husband Kevin, flew in from Dublin to share this historic time with everyone.

First Residence Course and WPA —

On May 19-20, 2017, in the beautiful green village of Jifna, north of Ramallah, 12 Meditators and Sidhas participated in the courses and absorbed the profound Knowledge and peaceful environment. At the end of the course, they all recommended that upcoming Residence Courses be held for longer periods of time. Happy faces dominated our meetings.

Coherence Days —

Every month, our international office in MERU, Holland, organizes a day when all European and Middle East countries connect online to coordinate their group practice of the TM and TM- Sidhis Program and listen to inspiring and dynamic leaders from the Global Country of World Peace. We held Coherence Days May-September, 2017 and everyone enjoyed the inspiring talks.

International Conference and Media Coverage —

From June 30 to July 11, I attended the Guru Purnima Celebration and Governor Conference at our Global Country Headquarters in MERU, Holland where I presented our activities in Palestine on the Maharishi Global Family Chat. Also I have had the opportunity to talk about TM on several local radio stations and was invited to speak about TM at the “Alternative Therapies in Palliative Care” conference at Hebron University. (Hebron University, in cooperation with Patient Friends Society, Jerusalem, organized the conference on July 25, 2017.)

Meeting with Education Official —

In September I met with the Director General of Educational Supervision who was very interested in our “TM in Schools” program that has enjoyed great success around the globe. The Director General will present our programs to the Minister of Education and help organize other meetings with school leaders.

Support our Palestine TM Program —

Thank you for taking the time to read about our modest activities here—but for us this is a big achievement. All my friends and neighbors are looking for ways to create peace and stability in their lives and to live without fear. Your support has made my teaching of TM possible which has provided at least some small window through which people can see the possibility of relief from stress and a real opportunity for creating peace inside and outside. I deeply desire to continue to offer TM at our new center and inspire people to practice their program in a group. More happiness will naturally begin to blossom by bringing more coherence to Palestine and the whole region. Please feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions so I can progress more quickly!

My budget this year was a bit challenging because of the start-up costs for the new Center. To break even for 2017 I need to raise $40,000 and have now raised only $20,000. I hope you can take a minute now and go to this link that is just for support to Palestine and help me reach my goal.

Thank you again for trusting in me


P.S. Good News—As I was writing this E-news, a USA Sidha pledged a $5000 matching donation!

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