White winter at Maharishi ashram Gajoli 2019-2020

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Some shots for you of Gajoli ashram this winter, which had numerous falls continuing through to March. It all looks quite pretty, but it has been bitterly cold. With each of the many snowstorms, city power (electricity) dropped out and as such our means of heating. Some of us were luckier as we had installed gas heaters.

Deep silence in deep snow

Looking east in the direction of Nepal

Purusha main meditation hall (dining hall on right)

Residential blocks, looking north-west in the direction of Tibet

Our mountain looking south; one of 3 mountains in the Asi-Ganga catchment comprising a triplet of sacred mountains

Old growth jungle to west of ashram heavy in snow (dhobi-laundry in foreground)

Icicles forming from snowmelt outside my room, looking north-east

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