Maharishi on Yagya

MMY namasteGlobal Press Conference,  23.10.2002

MAHARISHI: …The yagya is a preventative program, so that any mistake done by us, can be undone by us.

There are prescriptions, do this, do this. Yagya is a complete practical theory of higher state of consciousness. Yagyas are not humanly conceived procedures. They are nitya and apaurusheya, and that is promoted by that language of the Self itself, which is the Vedic language.

Vedic language is not a humanly conceived language, no. It is the language of the transcendental field. The transcendental field itself speaks. When you look into  the transformation of the Vedic vowels and consonants – this is not humanly conceived grammar, no, no. It is  said to be nitya and apaurusheya – language of natural law is an eternal reality. And language of natural law is an eternal reality in all the fields of change, because it is not humanly projected, it is not a human speech. It is the speech of that eternal value of intelligence. The field value on its own self-referral quality.

So the yagya procedures are from that level, from where the result of an action emerges. You do this and this will happen. Who designs this? It is the nature, it is natural law that designs it. Every action is reaction, this is the ordinary expression of that great principal in modern scientific language.

So it is a self-referral thing. It is called nitya and apaurusheya language. Vedic language for its total value is eternally the same. The sun, moon, galaxies, earth here there and this and that – all the process of evolution of the point to infinity. There is nothing new in that. The whole process is a automatic process, from the evolution of a point to the evolution of the ever expanding universe.

It is an automatic thing. It is a too segregated knowledge that says this and this. No, no, far beyond the reach of science. Far beyond the reach of any science. Because that is the science of infinity. Administration of infinity. Creation of infinite diversity from the eternal unity. It is not a humanly conceived thing.

Human mind can understand it to some little extent. And can own it practically in the total measure. That is possible for human mind. But the understanding is only from being it. It is understood by our awareness being it. It is a self-determent value. Nitya, apaurusheya Veda, nitya, apaurusheya system of producing the effect from an action.

Who knows when I raise this hand here, what influence I am producing in the sun and the moon? Jyotish is an aspect, which knows everything. And jyotish is that science of that one point. Where a man is born, where in space and time? That’s all and from there one scans the all possible activity for life.

So this total knowledge of life is the Veda, which is the field of total knowledge. With this in hand no one should be allowed to waste time. And it ids for the parental role of the administration to save the life of their administrators and give them their due dignity in cosmic status. A very, very beautiful thing…

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