Excellent video interviewing Dr Zach Bush on the virus, glyphosate, air pollution and piggeries

Dr Zach Bush. Click image to link to video

This is a ground-breaking interview of Dr Zach Bush, a brilliant doctor who predicted a pandemic was imminent last July, and which locations around the world it would be most troubling. He begins the interview explaining that the human physiology has evolved over millions of years via viruses, each one being like a new software patch to update the system to new information, which the body with its sophisticated design adapting to all viruses and continuing to evolve. 

The current pandemic virus is not much different that previous ones, only that we as humans have created an environment which hinders this natural update process, causing it to disrupt human life on earth through excessive use of glyphosate (roundup), heavy air pollution and in some instances pollution from piggeries. If approached in a holistic manner, much of the duress and economic fallout could have been avoided, and the governmental and medical community response requires an urgent shift in its strategy,

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