Indications of growth in collective consciousness – Technology & Environment

Below are links to a range of articles indicating progress in technology and environmental matters for the current or future wellbeing of the whole world family, a few indicators of growth in collective consciousness. In the next newsletter other areas of progress will be covered also.

NASA Says Earth Is Greener Today Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China, India

L.A. Aims to be First to Power U.S. City With Green Hydrogen

A very different, very clean energy source: thin air

A microbial organism pulls electricity from water in the air.


Portland Is Now Sourcing Hydropower From Its Drinking Water

Portland based startup, Lucid Energy, that has designed a new system to generate electricity from turbines installed in city water pipes.

The world’s best fire management system is in northern Australia, and it’s led by Indigenous land managers

Australia now has its first state run on 100 per cent renewable electricity

From 1 January 2020, the Australian Capital Territory achieves something no other Australian state or territory has. “The ACT will officially be powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity”, the territory’s climate change minister Shane Rattenbury tells SBS News.

Home 3D printed from locally sourced clay takes shape in Italy

Home 3D printed from locally sourced clay takes shape in Italy

Sustainable microgrids are the future of clean energy

Across the U.S., sustainable microgrids are emerging as a vital tool in the fight against climate change and increasingly common natural disasters. In the wake of hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, the traditional energy grid in many parts of the country is struggling to keep the power flowing, causing outages that slow local economies and ultimately put lives at risk.

Sustainable microgrids are the future of clean energy

A solution to cut extreme heat by up to 6 degrees is in our own backyards

Momentum Builds for Hydrogen Fuel in Japan, Australia

Lowered costs and the availability of renewable energy to produce hydrogen are raising interest in the fuel source

Scientific American


Light to electricity: New multi-material solar cells set new efficiency standard

There’s a Simple Way to Store Renewable Energy, And We Already Have The Technology

Wind and solar power: despite improvements over the last few years to both their performanceand cost, a significant problem remains: the wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun doesn’t always shine. One promising storage option is pumped thermal electricity storage. This relatively new technology has been around for about ten years, and is currently being tested in pilot plants.

Australia on track to reach 50% renewable energy by 2030: RepuTex

Australia is on track to achieve a 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030, regardless of federal policy intervention. This is due to the country meeting state renewable energy targets.

Australia could soon export sunshine to Asia via a 3,800km cable

Australia doesn’t currently export renewable energy. But an ambitious new solar project is poised to change that.

The proposed Sun Cable project envisions a ten gigawatt capacity solar farm . Power generated will supply Darwin and be exported to Singapore via a 3,800km cable slung across the seafloor.


Transparent Solar Panels Will Turn Windows Into Green Energy Collectors

Wait,  there’s more…..

Turkey’s renewable energy capacity has increased by 11% every year for the past decade. Clean energy now provides 49% of electricity. Daily Sabah

Following years of pressure from activists, Canadian company Teck Resources is pulling out of planned operations in the oil sands. NYT

Following years of pressure from activists, Norwegian company Equinor is pulling out of planned exploration in the Great Australian Bight. SBS

India says it will stop importing thermal coal in the next four years (no doubt Adani will never bow to years of pressure from activists). Economic Times

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