Four Recitations for Protection During Nine Days of Mother Divine

Happy Vasantik Navaratri!

March 25 to April 2, 2020
During this period of the Nine Days of Mother Divine we celebrate the incarnation of infinite dynamism, Mother Divine, and invoke her blessings for all prosperity, health and longevity, and supreme knowledge.  
Given our current global challenges, it is fitting to give some special attention to freedom from disease and perfect health.
Below are some recitations that are especially well suited to offer protection from disease and afflictions during these days.  
The first two are quite short, the third about 7 – 8 minutes in duration.  
Durga Saptashati is more like 3 – 4 hours, but can be listened to in pieces.
Here goes:

1.  Sama version of the Swasti Vachan, Durga Suktam, and the Pavamana Suktam.  

Swasti vachan pray for the well being (Kalyan) of the world and exhort that peace should prevail upon the earth and the Universe.
Oh God, let your eight elements viz. the heavens, space, earth, water medicines, flora, Vishvay Deva and Brahma spread peace in the Universe and ensure the well being of all. 
The Durga Suktam is a request for help in difficult times. 
Pavamana is another name for Soma and means that which flows.
Traditionally it is often chanted or listened to help clean/refine energy be it in a place or a person.
Many times when entering a new house or space of work, this chant was recited to purify the space of its past energy so that a new positive beginning could be commenced. 
It is also used in cleaning homes after eclipse, and for psychological health, when past traumas needs to be transformed.

3.  Hanuman Chalisa 

Hanuman flew to the Himalayas during Ram’s war with Ravana to procure the herbs necessary to heal and save Ram and Lakshman.  Gaining his support can accomplish all healing.
Sooryagayathri rendering:
Maharishi Vedic Pandits:

4.   Devi Kavacham and Durga Saptashati

Finally, we are now in the period of Vasantik Navaratri, the Nine Days of Mother Divine.  The primary recitation is Durga Saptashati (also known as Devi Mahatmyam), which will be played on Maharishi Channel 3 this week.  Durga Saptashati chronicles the destruction of all afflictions by Mother Divine.  One particular chapter tells the story of the destruction of Raktabija, an asura who whenever struck, every drop of blood creates another asura just like him!  Durga and Her emanation Kali destroy him by bleeding him out and eating every drop of blood.  Next to that, cleaning up a mere virus is child’s play.  In the chapter listing the fruits, Maha Durga says that destruction of all vectors of negativity are destroyed by the mere chanting of these verses.  The much shorter Devi Kavachan to invoke Devi’s protection from all evils will also be played.
All good fortune to you and yours!
Jai Guru Dev
source; Dick Sweinhart, Purusha

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