Purushottama – Maas

During the time from Sept 17 to Oct 19, it will be a time of profound spiritual transformation for the world. With almost all the planets transiting their own house, according to the Vedic Lunar calendar, there will be the occurrence of a rare 13th month this year. [Purushottama-Masa]

It is NOT an auspicious time for beginning new endeavors or material gains. It Is however a very good time for going inward and deepening Spiritual gains and doing long programs.  

This is the year when the Vedic lunar calendar is adjusted to the Solar-Calendar. It is considered a very holy time that happens every 3 years. But this time it is extra-ordinary, because Guru (Jupiter) and Shani (Saturn), the slow-moving planets are in their own signs and very strong. Also, Guru and Shani are stationary nearly for the whole month — their movement is very, very slow, nearly not recognizable.

Here are some notes about Purushottama-Masa —17 September – 16 October 2020 [gleaned from various passages of Vedic literature]:

To do Silence this month and focus only on Meditation is highly recommended.
Lord Krishna himself called this month Purushottama Month – Month of Supreme Leadership.
Of all month’s Purushottama Month is Krishna’s favorable month. In the Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna says: I am celebrated, both, in the world and in the Vedas as that Supreme Person: Purushottama.  (Supreme Leader)

This period of Purushattama Masa is the most favorable for spiritual upliftment. Spiritual and devotional activities performed in this month destroy the dirt and contamination caused by our past sinful acts – it immediately nullifies all our sinful reactions. Sages unitedly speak, merciful Purushottama Month acts like a desire-tree to fulfill the devotee’s desire.

Purushottama Month is worshipped all over the Universe by devotees, sages, demigods, and even Lakshmi-Devi herself. If one sincerely worships (by meditation) the Lordships Radha and Krishna in Purushottama Month one attains everything all by his credits and virtues.

It is called Purushottama Masa because Shri Krishna has placed all His potencies, mercy, and blessings in this month. We can spiritually advance in this highly auspicious month only by rendering unalloyed devotional service and Meditation. Just as Krishna is the Supreme among all Incarnations, Purushottama is the supreme and holiest of all the months.

Shri Krishna declares: Purushottama Month has all the power I have, to bless its observer. One who follows Purushottama Vrata* will destroy all his past sinful reactions. The glory of all other months is not equal 1/16 of the glory of Purushottama Month.

No material results are supported in this time, even not by spiritual worship and Yagyas.

Stay peaceful and don’t become negative during this month.
No marriages, celebrations are done in the Adhika masa (other Name for this month).

[this Jyotish chart is illustrative – not petaining to Purushottam-Masa – and is chart of Shri Raam


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