Guru Purnima

The following is a perfect preparation for celebrating Guru Purnima. On this day (evening) the perfect fullness of the moon, symbolises the fullness and perfection that the Guru has attained,  and this collection of quotes certainly expresses fullness of knowledge on our most beloved Maharishi and Guru Dev

The Guru 

June 1968

Historic Lecture Series Put Out By MUM Press

Maharishi: History of Transcendental Meditation starts with creation…

Man was born with three fields of life: the field of action based on field of thinking, and field of thinking based on field of Being, inner Being. And all the ancient records of human development bring out Transcendental Meditation to establish coordination between the outer fields of life and the inner field of Being which is inexhaustible energy, intelligence and happiness. 

The records of this we find in the most ancient record of human research contained in the Vedas, in the Upanishads, in Bhagavad Gita. 

5,000 years ago Lord Krishna taught to Arjuna the coordination of the inner Being with the outer world.


3,000 years ago Lord Buddha taught the same message of Transcendental Meditation to his disciples when he said ‘Gain Nirvana–eternal freedom through meditation.’


2,000 years ago Christ taught the same message of Transcendental Meditation when he said ‘Kingdom of heaven is within you.’ Thereby he meant that you are carrying a pool of bliss within and therefore take your mind to that inner pool of happiness and come out blissful and happy. Enjoy the world, and no one need suffer. This was the message of Christ 2,000 years ago.

Same message today, by the grace of Guru Dev, my Master, at whose feet I spent about 13 years in the  Himalayas ….

History of Transcendental Meditation is the history of all great teachers in the world.

Guru Dev–He Provided The Light Of God To Us  ‘There Is Nothing That We Can Possibly Ever Do To Repay What We Owe To Him.’

What we can do to express our gratitude towards Him?

Even if the whole wealth of the world, we could make available to ourselves and offer at his feet–it will be just an insignificant offering in comparison to what great Light of God that he has provided us.

Even if, if we could make available for us all the resources of the Almighty Nature and offer it at his feet–it won’t be an offering worth the great blessing that he has given us.

Even if we could make available to ourselves the eternity of Time and offer at his feet that eternal life of ours–even that will not be worth that great blessing that he has given us.

There is nothing that we can possibly ever do to repay what we owe to him. But even then, from time to time we do feel to express our heart and the thought of our mind–placing ourselves at his feet in gratitude.

Guru Dev–He Was Full Of Divine Radiance Transformation Was In His Air 

Rishikesh, 1969

Question: You have said that Guru Dev initiated quite a number of people. Was he using exact the technique that you are using?

Maharishi: Must be using better technique than I am using.

Question: Was he still using the long mantras and all of that?

Maharishi: It is very difficult for me to find out what he was using. Because initiation is all in private. [laughter] And I was never interested who was given what mantra. I was interested in myself. [laughter] He was full of divine radiance. People don’t have to do the mantra and meditation in his presence. The transformation was in his air–so full of life. And that fullness I started to teach. And at least by practice people could raise themself up.

Guru Dev–He Was So Divine!

‘I Bow Down To Him Who Breathes Out The Ved’

Guru Purnima; July 8, 1971

The great impact of Guru Dev in his lifetime is in bringing out so clearly and in such simple words this technique of Transcendental Meditation and his blessing for this Movement, which came out much after he left his body, because there was no occasion during his lifetime for any of his intimate blessed disciples to go out of his presence. That is why any such Movement to bless the world could not have started during his time.

He was so divine, he was so sublime. It was not possible to think of one day away from him. It was just not possible.

So his expression, his teachings, made the whole possibility of everyone to get onto this blessed state of unity through a scientific procedure, systematic procedure, because the truth is that not many people are at any time in any age in a position to follow this spontaneous and innocent path of surrender and get enlightenment. It is just not practical. It is not possible. And therefore a system, a procedure, a method, something very tangible, concrete yet based on the same spontaneous impulse of life which makes one surrender to his master–same spontaneous impulse of life. We just get sold out to something so sublime and so divine, same impulse takes the mind to the Transcendent and getting this direct experience of this unboundedness. 

Same impulse of life, same tender innocent impulse of life seeking abundance is used spontaneously in that path of surrender to the Master and living that unified state of life, and the same tender impulse of life seeking for more and more is used in Transcendental Meditation in order to bring that unboundedness and rise eventually to unity. The same thing, the same value of life, used in this way bringing the same results; used in this way bringing the same results.

And this is the greatness of his teaching. This is the fullness of his value for the world for all times. The same tender impulse of life to be used by every man in the world without having anything to do with anything else. Nothing to do with the Master or teaching or anything or anything. Master is all right, Teacher is all right. As long as one thing has been learned and once one has learned it is on the level of life itself.

This do-it-yourself technique, it doesn’t involve anything individual, anything other than what he himself is and then brings him enlightenment right there were he is.

I bow down to him who breathes out the Ved and creates the universe from it, and who is the cherished shrine of pilgrimage of all the streams of knowledge.

Guru Dev–His Biography By A Pandit yadvāre nikhilā nilimpaparishatsiddhiM vidhatte.anisham

shrimat shrīlasitaM jagadgurupadaM natvā.atmatriiptiM gatāH

lokāGYānapayoda pāTanadhuraM shrīsha~NkaraM sharmadam

brahmānandasaraswatīM guruvaraM dhyāyāmi jyotirmayam

which means:

At whose door the whole galaxy of gods pray for perfection day and night.

Adorned by immeasurable glory, preceptor of the whole world, 

having bowed down to Him, we gain fulfilment.

Skilled in dispelling the cloud of ignorance of the people, the gentle emancipator,

Brahmananda Saraswati, the supreme teacher, full of brilliance, on Him we meditate.


Maharishi explained these lines whilst speaking at his ashram in Rishikesh in February / March 1969:

This was done by us, I didn’t compose those lines, because I am not a Sanskrit scholar, but this was done by a very, very eminent Sanskrit poet of Banares, and he was such a mysterious man, the poet [probably Ashu Kavi Pandit Veni Madhava Sastri]

He used to live with us, just like us, and a good pandit, and when some pandits, learned people used to come to pay their respects to Guru Dev, and he would sit like that. And generally it is traditional, that in the presence of Shankaracharya, pandits gather. 

Pandits mean the learned people, highly great intellectuals of the country. They sit together, and they try to bring home to Shankaracharya, each one of them, that he is the greater pandit than the others. And these dialogues are so highly intellectual and so very interesting, because they–everyone wants to win the grace of Shankaracharya, apart from his spiritual development for their material glorification, because a certificate from the Shankaracharya, of the great learning of the pandits will make him flourish in his area. So, they, very beautiful, and this pandit he used to defeat everyone, because he was a born poet, poet. He would versify anything that he wants to say. In poetry he would speak. And when in poetry, and so fluent and so high-class, so high-class fluent Sanskrit poetry, and others would just sit and listen to him, what he says.

He was very dear, sweet pandit. He wrote lots of stanzas of Guru Dev, absolutely, and, and this was one of them.

What happened was–this is very interesting–this great pandit in his flight of the poet, he wrote Guru Dev’s life, and he didn’t know Guru Dev’s life. Because all the time was spent in loneliness in the jungles, and, nobody would know.

And he said to me, ‘I am going to write.’ And I said ‘Yes, you write’, and this was our agreement that I’ll get it printed, and he wrote, and I enjoyed it so much, but someday it was to come to Guru Dev for sanction. So, Guru Dev, he enjoyed hearing the whole thing. It was highly scholarly and very great, and everything that, that a good poet could put in that, he put it.

And then, when it was finished Guru Dev said, ‘It’s very good, yes.’ And when the pandit went out of the room he asked him to take it to the Ganges, tie it down with a big stone, heavy, put it in the  Ganges . And I, it was a shock to me, I said ‘But, but there are beautiful passages in it’.

He said, ‘Don’t talk!’ He said, ‘Nobody should read it, tell him to take it’. It is because he didn’t know his life and he said ‘If you don’t put it in the  Ganges  I’ll ask someone else to do it.’ I said, ‘I’ll do it’.

We would have used all those beautiful poetry. These days you would have enjoyed all. But he wouldn’t allow it to remain.

He was absolutely divine, simple and great, very great, he was very great.

Guru Dev–His Grace 1 Maharishi About Guru Dev

Those who have seen those days [around Guru Dev] have been so fortunate, and those who have seen me moving about in that atmosphere know how the grace of Guru Dev has dawned and when they hear the story how it is happening, then they say, ‘Oh, it is no surprise, he has received the grace of Guru Dev. (Maharishi)

Guru Dev–His Grace 2

Maharishi About Guru Dev

All, but his grace and nothing else. Except his grace I don’t have anything. (Maharishi, 1961)

Guru Dev–His Grace 3

‘All the Strength I Have’

Maharishi: .So, we are fortunate and all of you are very fortunate to have his [Guru Dev] grace so far from  India . But the fortune is there, only we have to share our fortune with all our fellowmen. We have to do our utmost what we can to bring this meditation to all the people in all the ways it is possible for every one of us.

If I could have some real good cooperation of all the people who come in my contact, it would be something; the whole world will become so full with all sublime actions of human life. Humanity will be changed into divinity.

We have seen His life, so we know what divine could be in man’s life. Just fullness of divinity. That is all the strength I have, and that you should feel in yourself. Such great power, such great wisdom, such great bliss. That is something about Guru Dev. [1961] 

Guru Dev–His Intellect & Heart Maharishi About Guru Dev

As a Shankaracharya He [Guru Dev] was found to have the great intellect of the first Shankacharya and the heart of Buddha–lovable, soft heart of Buddha, and the great intellect of Shankara. That was his personality. (Maharishi, 1961)

Guru Dev–His Nature Is Divine Light Text Under The Golden Picture Of Guru Dev 

(Unofficial Translation)

Adi Shankaracharya the holy Paramahamsa, the Acarya (teacher) of the Sannyasis is completely familiar with the two shores of logical proofing through words and sentences, 

He is holding the highest rank among those who perform Tapas related to the practise of Ashtanga Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi, 

He is the teacher, who is establishing the Vedic views and thoughts received from the beginningless tradition of Masters, 

He is teaching the four castes independent of all doctrines promoting the Vedic path which is the heart, the essence of all Nigamas and Agamas, 

He is adorned with the titles Shrimat (glorious), Maharaja (great king), Adhiraja (emperor), Guru (preceptor), Bhumandala Acarya (teacher of the earth), Jagad Guru (world preceptor), Ananta (infinite) and Shri (Reverend),

To the feet of Him–Shri Adishankaracharya Bhagavatpada–Guru Dev is devoted like a bee to the nectar.

Through his auspicious various teachings Guru Dev removed a heap of Tamas (ignorance, darkness) from the minds of his disciples and the people.

His followers are bound to protect the eternal Dharma which is perpetually ruling over the whole earth, being good for all men.

He is eminent, a shining example of perfection in Unity consciousness as described in the thoughts and various laudatory poems of all traditions.

He lives at the banks of Alakananda and  Ganga  and he is the supreme Lord of the holy Jyotir Math representing the northern tradition.

His own form is the science and the technology of Ved. 

He belongs to Maharishi Rām Rāj.

His nature is divine light.

He is the best of the Swamis, Shri Brahmananda Saraswati, 

He indeed is victorious!

Guru Dev–His Speech Is Nectar The Nectar of Guru Dev’s Speech

Banks of Narmada,  Jabalpur , 1948 

(translated from original Hindi from Girish Momaya)

The supreme authority of dharma, Shankaracharya Swami Brahmanand Saraswati Maharaj’s speech has effulgence, it has brilliance, it is captivating, it has grandeur, it has simplicity and it has the flow of nature itself. 

His speech reveals in a unique way, His inherent nature, the Brahman, the reality that He is. Whoever listens to His words desires to continue to keep listening to them. His words carry essence of nectar. They are comforting. They carry scintillating quality of Sam-Veda hymns which render unique and incomparable influence. His words provide the warmth that one feels near the firewood in the midst of shivering cold. They carry the divine music that emanates from the blessed Veena of Goddess Saraswati, the mother of speech. 

His words carry the light of pure knowledge that instantly removes the darkness of ignorance. They bring the coolness of great rain showers to the souls who are suffering endlessly in the great fires of all aspects of human suffering in this world. His words are like great tidal waves that have crossed over the highest evolution of humankind and have known the field beyond that. 

The flow of the nectar of His speech has dignity that compares to none other. The greatness of His speech makes even the greatest of mountains bow down. 

His words are nourishing! O human! Fulfill your eternal quest; it is now the time to quench your eternal thirst. His words bring the infinite unbounded ocean of immortality. Each drop of this ocean quenches the eternal thirst of millions.’ 

Guru Dev–His Tapas

Maharishi About Guru Dev

All that was necessary for all the people in the world to go through the hardships, and all the difficulties to realize this Supreme, Guru Dev went through for all of us. (Maharishi, London, 1961)

Guru Dev–How Maharishi Found Him I Found Guru Dev By The Grace Of God 

And By My Desire To Find Him 

I found Guru Dev by the grace of God and by my desire to find him. In  India , it’s a very normal thing for a child to think of God and to find Him and converse with Him. God-realization is a very concrete experience in the Indian air, and this instils in every Indian heart a desire to find a way and to seek a good guide to help them reach the goal.

This situation was true in my case in the early days. One day I was led by those, who knew I was fond of meeting saints, to a house somewhere in the forest, and then I was led up some stairs to a terrace. It so happened that this was a very dark night and I could barely see a chair with a few people sitting around it, all quiet. The silence there was so great that one felt hesitant to even breathe properly, because breath was felt so horribly in that atmosphere. As I came close to the chair a car came down a nearby road, and its headlights lit up the porch for a moment. Then I saw Guru Dev and I thought: ‘Here is the sun!’ This was the flashing moment of light, which decided my destiny.

I somehow was able to speak with him. He asked me about everything I was doing, and when he heard I was student he said: ‘First finish your studies’. There was nothing to argue about or discuss.

By the time I had finished my studies, he had become Shankaracharya in Jyotir Math. I was told that many people were going to that place and I went there and found Guru Dev, and then I stayed.

Guru Dev–Our Guiding Light Our Guiding Light

Our Guiding Light is the ever-shining, never-setting Sun of the Divine Grace. Ever the same, constant as the northern star and bright as the mid-day sun, our Guiding Light is the Divine Grace of Shri Guru Deva, Maha Yogiraj, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati Maharaj, the most illustrious in the galaxy of the Jagad-Guru Shankaracharyas of  India .


He was Maha Yogiraj (greatest of Yoga Teachers) in the family of the Yogis of India and was held by the ‘Gnanies’ (Realized) as personified Brahmanandam (Universal Bliss or Cosmic Consciousness), the living expression of ‘Purnam adah, purnam idam.’ [That Unmanifested (Brahman) is perfect and This Manifested (Brahman) is (also) perfect.] The Divine radiance blooming forth from His shining personality revealed the truth of ‘Purnam idam’ and His Sahaja-samadhi (all time natural state of cosmic consciousness) brought home the truth of both–’Purnam adah’ and ‘Purnam idam.’ It was the perfection of this great Spiritual Master which innovated a spiritual renaissance in  Northern India  and wherever he traveled.


This Great Pride of India was ‘Rājaram’ in his early days when he was the love of his great family and was cherished as the ‘rising sun’ in the community of Mishra Brahmans of village Gana, near Ayodhya in  Uttar Pradesh ,  North   India . He was born on the 20th December 1868, but his hour of nativity claimed him for the recluse order and not for that of the secular.


At the tender age of nine, when the other children of the world were mostly busy in playgrounds, he had matured in the idea of renunciation and by continuous and deep thinking was convinced of the futility and evanescence of worldly pleasures. He realized so early that real and lasting happiness cannot be had without the realization of the Divine. The joys and pleasures that are obtained from the phenomenal world are mere shadows and smudged images of the ideal happiness and bliss, that is not far from man but exists in his own heart, enveloped by the dark clouds of ignorance and illusion. When he was barely nine years old he left home and went to the  Himalayas  in search of God, the Light that dispels the great darkness in the human mind, the darkness that stands between man and the Inner Enlightenment.


On the path of the Divine a proper guide is necessary. During the search for a perfect spiritual guide, he came across many Masters and good beginners but none of them came up to the ideal that he had set for himself. He desired his spiritual Master to be not only well versed in philosophic learning but also to be a person of realization; and over and above these dual achievements, he should be a life celibate, perhaps the natural and legitimate desire of an aspirant who himself had decided to maintain that high ideal for life.


In the world as it is constituted today, to find a personality combining these three conditions and attributes is difficult, if not altogether impossible, and so the young truth-seeker had to wander far and long before he arrived at the goal of his search. After about five years he reached the  township  of  Uttar-Kashi . In that ‘Valley of the Saints,’ at that small and distant Himalayan hermitage there resided in those days a great spiritual Master, Swami Krishanand Saraswati, a sage deeply versed in philosophical lore, representing a rare and perfect blend of theory and practice, of learning and realization.


To that realized soul, the young ascetic surrendered himself for being initiated into the mysterious realms of the spirit, whose real key practices are attainable not from books and treatises, but only from perfect spiritual Masters, who silently pass these top secret practices from heart to heart.


After some time, with the permission and order of his Master he entered a cave at Uttar-Kashi with the resolve not to come out before he had realized the Light Supreme. His desire to attain the Highest knowledge was not merely an ideal wish or intention; it was a mighty, overpowering determination that burned like fire in his heart. It permeated every particle of his being and bade him not to rest or stop before the complete realization of the Bliss Eternal. Soon he arrived at the Heatless Smokeless Effulgence of the Self and realized the Divine Truth, the Cosmic Consciousness, the Ultimate Supreme Reality, Sat Cit Anandam, the Nirvana.


The greatest attainment of a saint is his life itself, the high edifice of a realized Upanishadic Living that develops under the stress of direct experience of the Reality. To understand that inner personality one must approach such realized souls with an open and receptive mind and try to visualize the great internal life that is the basis of the actual and real form of living.


At the age of 34 he was initiated into the order of ‘Sanyas’ by his Master at the greatest world fair, ‘Kumbha Mela,’ that is held once in twelve years at the junction of the two holy rivers, 

Ganges and Jumna at Allahabad City. Then he again proceeded to blessed solitude, the only blessedness. This time he did not go to the Himalayas, but went to the Amarkantakas, the source of the holy river Narmada in  Central India .


For the greater part of his life he lived in quiet, lonely places, the habitats of lions and leopards, in hidden caves and thick forests, where even the mid-day sun frets and fumes in vain to dispel the darkness that may be said to have made a permanent abode in those solitary and distant regions of Vindhyagiris and Amarkantakas (mountain ranges).


He was out of sight of man but was well marked in the eyes of the destiny of the country. For more than one and a half centuries the light of Jyotir Math was extinct, and  North India  had no Shankaracharya to guide the spiritual destiny of the people. 


Here was a bright light of spiritual glory well adorned by the perfect discipline of Sanatana Dharma, but it was hidden in the caves and valleys, in the thick forests and mountains of Central India, as though the blessed solitude was giving a proper shape and polish to a personality which was to enlighten the darkness that had overtaken the spiritual destiny of the country, by the Flash of His mere presence.


It took a long time, twenty years, to persuade Him to come out of loneliness and accept the holy throne of Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math in Badariashram,  Himalayas . At the age of 72, in the year 1941, a well marked time in the political and religious history of  India , He was installed as Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, and that was a turning point in the destiny of the nation. 


The political freedom of the country dawned under His Divine Grace and He was worshipped by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Indian Union. At the conference of the eminent philosophers of the world during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the  Institute  of  Indian Philosophers  held at  Calcutta  in December 1950, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the famous philosopher and the successor of Dr. Prasad as President of the Indian Union, addressed Shri Guru Deva as ‘Vedanta Incarnate’ (Truth Embodiment).


His philosophy of spiritual enlightenment was all embracing. He inspired all alike and gave a lift to everyone in his religious, virtuous, moral and spiritual life. He was never a leader of any one party. All parties found a common leader head in Him. All the differences and dissensions of various castes, creeds and ‘sampradayas’ dissolved in His presence and every party felt to be a thread in the warp and woof of society, and that all the threads make the cloth and that no thread can be taken out, with advantage, from it. Such was His Universality and all-embracing nature.


His entire personality exhaled always the serene perfume of spirituality. His face radiated that rare light which comprises love, authority, serenity and self-assuredness: the state that comes only by righteous living and Divine realization. His Darshan made the people feel as if some ancient Maharishi of upanishadic fame had assumed human form again, and that it is worthwhile leading a good life and to strive for realization of the Divine. His spiritual teachings are simple and clear and go straight to the heart. He strictly adhered to the courses of inner development laid down by the systems of Indian Philosophy and ethics and he raised his voice never in opposition but always in firm support of the truths and principles contained in the concept of Dharma. He gave to the people the spirit of religion and made them happy in all walks of life.


As time would have it, after 12 years that flashed by, the Manifested merged with its original, the Unmanifested, and ‘Brahma Leena Brahmanandam’ is now appearing the hearts of his devotees as waves of Brahmanandam (Bliss). He cast off His mortal coil, but left behind a few others in mortal coil to keep up the light of His grace and pass on the torch of His teachings from hand to hand for all the millennia to come.


Spiritual Regeneration Movement has been started under His direct inspiration that we received on the 31stDecember 1957, the last day of His 89th Birthday Anniversary at  Madras . His Divine Plan of Spiritual Regeneration of the world is being worked out by the stronghold of time which is found marking a change in human destiny. We only pray Him to keep on guiding us.

Guru Dev–The Perfection Of His Personality  Everything Was An Inspiration And Joy 

He was the one novelty, who was divine grandeur par excellence. His sitting posture, His standing pose, His style of lying down, His royal pace. His movements and His silence in samadhi; everything was an inspiration and joy to one and all who had the eye to see and good fortune to enjoy. When He sat; His sitting pose attracted and inspired the eyes that fell on Him, and inspired the minds and hearts that came under the divine aura of His gracious presence. His sitting posture was the exemplary sitting pose of a perfect Yogi, and when He walked, oh! it was a sight which Royalties have enjoyed and Gods have cherished on earth. Such was the perfection of His Personality, every aspect of which was an inspiration for one and all.


Words that fell from His lips surcharged the atmosphere with vibrations holy and divine. Every word that He spoke charmed the ear and captivated the heart. The charm of His voice surpassed the melody of music. Well disciplined music of the best musician of the world would not charm as much as His simple words charmed the child and the old alike. Whatever He spoke was heard and enjoyed with undivided attention by one and all. His moving lips were the one point of focus for a million eyes gathered to listen to His evening discourses. Spellbound sat the audience with captivated mind and heart in His presence. It was an atmosphere of all joy around him. It was Anandam vibrating around Brahmanandam–(The Conditioned Brahmanandam was as it were conditioned transcendental Brahmanandam). When His words thrilled the air with joy, the whole atmosphere was surcharged with delight as if waves were set up in the silent  ocean  of  Omnipresent Anandam . The Immoveable was moved by the Expression of the Inexpressible.


It was the grandeur of the perfection of inner and outer personalities of Guru Deva that attracted the eyes and hearts of the elevated and learned pandits of Bharata and that tempted them to adorn their learning by finding a suitable expression for the inexpressible Divinity. An expression was found in the words ‘Ananta Shri Vibhushit’ which means beautified with ever-the-same immeasurable grandeur. This is an expression in Sanskrit Language which was used for the first time in the history of  India , to synthesize his Greatness.


In the English Language, his devotees felt that the expression His Holiness did not adequately describe this personified Divine Effulgence; and so the new expression of His Divinity was used. With such unique adoration of newer and fuller grandeur, transcending the glories of the expressions of antiquity, was worshipped the holy name of Guru Deva, the living expression of Upanishadic Reality, the embodiment of the transcendental Divinity.


He was Maha Yogiraj in the family of the Yogis of Indias and was held by the Gnanies as personified Brahmanandam, the living expression of–Poornamadah Poornamidam*. The divine radiance blooming forth from His shining personality revealed the truth of Poornamidam (this manifested Brahman is poorna) and His Sahaja-Samadhi brought home the truth of both–Poornamadah and Poornamidam. It was the perfection of this great spiritual Master which innovated a religious and spiritual renaisance in northern  India  and where ever He travelled.



Guru Dev–Watch His Grace Unfolding Natural Law Works Out Everything For Us 

May 2006

Thereby I only want you to watch how Natural Law works out everything for us. How Natural Law works out everything for us. What we have at our disposal? The Grace of Guru Dev. His blessings. His kindness. His love. His parental role is with us. And He is working out the destiny of everyone. 


Now so far in terms of spiritual development. And now from now, also added to that spiritual development–material development, economic development, social development, harmony, health–all these beautiful things.

Guru, Guru Purnima & The Master-Disciple Relationship Guru Purnima To Bestow Fullness Of Life

The Day of the Divine Master; 7th July 2009 

Guru Purnima is the day of infinite correlation. It is a day of supreme knowledge; it is a day of Brahman; it is the day of Guru; Guru Purnima, the fullness of Guru Dev, the fullness of the element of Guru, the fullness of pure knowledge. 

Guru is the expression of Enlightenment, pure knowledge, the field of all possibilities, the field of infinite correlation. In thatsupreme awakening, in that supreme awareness, in the state of supreme knowledge we have wholeness of life, absolute value of Being, pure infinity, pureeternity, pure immortality. 

Guru Purnima day is structured in pure knowledge. It comes year after year to bring the awakening of totality of life. Itunfolds the full potential of knowledge and brings tofulfillment the master-disciple relationship. It is the master-disciple relationship, and that expresses itself in its totality: Full potential of all possibilities. It is a very special day, it’s a very special day for us.


Guru–Totality Personified There Is Nothing Greater Than Guru

Press Conference; 20th July 2005

Dr Hagelin: Maharishi, there is a question on the special role of the teacher, the Guru, in gaining the full awakening of enlightenment. The reporter asks, ‘In every news conference, Maharishi pays tribute to his teacher and to the tradition of Vedic teachers for giving the knowledge and technique of Transcendental Meditation to gain enlightenment. Is the technique of Transcendental Meditation and other advanced programmes sufficient to gain enlightenment, or is there an indispensable role that a teacher plays to guide an individual on the path to enlightenment? And if so, what would that role be?’


Maharishi: The role is that the teacher is absolutely woven into this knowledge. And when the knowledge is in our awareness, it is the total teacher that is in our awareness. It says in the Vedic Literature about the teacher, ‘Na Guror Adhikam, Na Guror Adhikam, Na Guror Adhikam.’ There is nothing greater than Guru; there is nothing greater than Guru; there is nothing greater than Guru, because Guru is the embodiment of all that is greatest. 


Guru is Brahm. ‘Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnur.’ These are not the words of adoration; this is the description of the reality of Guru. Guru is on the level of Totality personified. When Guru speaks, it is the Totality that speaks. Words of the Guru are the words of the Veda. Veda is only heard from the Guru. So Guru means the Totality. If one is in the sense of Guru all the time, one is in the sense of total Natural Law and its total organizing power; there is nothing greater than that.


That is why Guru is completely natural in our awareness. It is not a matter of anything that is from outside or anything. It is completely natural. It is simple. It is Totality. It is a great thing. One knows it in being that level of relationship. ‘Na Guror Adhikam’–there is nothing greater than Guru, nothing greater than Guru. 


Guru Purnima is the Full Moon of the Guru–one day of the year. In the Vedic Calendar, each day is attributed to some Devata, to some special creative intelligence–Sun, Moon, Shiva, Vishnu, and all. There are an enormous number of Devatas, embodiments of the Kriya Shakti. ‘Kriya Shakti’ is the power of action. There are two things, basically: the silence and action, silence and activity, infinite silence and infinite activity, and both in perfect accord with each other. Perfect silence, perfect dynamism: this is Brahm–this is Totality. 


The Guru is Totality. He has, as it is said in the Vedic Literature and with reference to what Dr John Hagelin just said, ‘Pripad Asyamritam Divi’. That means three-fourths is Amrit. ‘Amrit’ means eternal. Three-fourths is eternal; one-fourth is juggling around. Three-fourths is eternal. This is what makes us stand on our own feet eternally. We are embedded in the three-fourths of the unmanifest, as Dr Hagelin said. This unmanifest, this Avyakta, is three-fourths, and the manifest is one-fourth. Three-fourths is unmanifest; one-fourth is manifest. The changes take place in the unmanifest. What continues in the field of flow is three-fourths. So the dominant factor is three-fourths of Totality. Reality belongs to the non-changing eternity, absolute eternity, absolute. 


This whole thing is very real. The other day, I talked some about this–the Absolute Number. Today, reference was made to the number. The Absolute Number is that which guides the equations of Brahman Consciousness–how life is lived in relativity, even though saturated with absolute value. 


The absolute value means the togetherness of silence and dynamism together. Together dynamism and silence are unity, but some frail fluctuations of the relativity. There is a word in the Vedic Literature, ‘Jivan Mukti’. ‘Mukti’ means freedom. ‘Jivan’ means living life. Living life is always in the relative, but living life in perfect freedom, how is it possible? It is possible because you live on the level of one-fourth, and you continue to live on the level of three-fourths. So three-fourths eternity, one-fourth fluctuations, like that.


It is a very beautiful thing. It is a very beautiful thing with our international universities everywhere, and these fundamental levels of mathematics and equations. We are going to introduce the Absolute Number, and the Absolute Number in the equation, the theory of numbers, and then the theory of language, the theory of the alphabet–vowels and consonants. The absolute of the numbering system is zero. 


The absolute of language is ‘A’, total ‘A’, sound of Totality. Everything is within this sound of Totality, ‘A’. What are those things within ‘A’? This is the Vedic language, alphabet. ‘A’ has within it ‘I’, Ū, ‘R’, ‘Ri’, ‘E’, ‘Ai’, ‘O’, ‘Au’, ‘Am’, ‘Aha’. There are seven syllables that are within ‘A’. The total is ‘A’. 


The example is when we hear the sound of a market from a kilometer, it is just one ‘A’, hum. As we go nearer and nearer, within that sound, other sounds begin to be heard. And when you go in the market, you are able to hear many sounds that were making that one total sound. 


 ‘A’ is a sound of all the possible sounds. All the basic possible sounds have been summed up in terms of eight sounds. The eight sounds come up from one silent sound,  Para . Just now, Dr Hagelin counted  Para  and Apara and all those. Para is the transcendental field of consciousness, one holistic Totality, the Unified Field. This Unified Field and the word ‘quantum’ were explained by Dr Hagelin so beautifully, so clearly. 


Now this quantum thing, in the field of consciousness, is a frictionless flow. One thing is that you move forward; the other thing is that you move backward. But in this field of the transcendent, it is not a move in any one direction or two directions or one opposite direction–no. It is all directions at a time. It is a frictionless flow. You go this way and you go that way also, back and forth, back and forth. 


The mind is the instrument for that. It is capable of settling down to itself. This settling down to itself will be at the source of thought. Whatever fluctuation is created by the mind on its own level spreads throughout creation. It is a frictionless flow. It is a slippery ground of total Natural Law, a frictionless flow, completely frictionless flow in all directions simultaneously. 


Quite a lot will be possible in the field of this technology, in the relative field. But the totality of it is possible on the level of consciousness, whose technology is the physical brain physiology. The physical brain physiology, properly trained, could be that mechanics which the modern chips are trying to copy. The human brain physiology is that mechanics. 


Just the discovery of Raja Rāmji has indicated that physiology is the expression of consciousness. And consciousness is noted in terms of the fluctuations of the Vedic Sound. The specialty in the Vedic Sound is that it is the sound, and it is also the sounder, and it also the process of sounding. All the three are one–knower, knowing, and known–doer, doing, and done, all the three together. That is why, on its own, in its complete freedom, in its complete independence, it is the field of all possibilities. It is from there the expression comes, ‘I am the lord of all I survey.’ That is going to be the human dignity on Earth, with the blessings of Guru Dev. 


We are announcing a very, very effective program where the achievements will be a matter of much shorter time. Centuries have gone and in every generation, the wise have been searching for it, searching for it, searching for it. But now, with the blessings of our Master and the spiritual Vedic Tradition of Masters, we are blessed. We are offering ourselves and all our achievements and all our understandings and all our knowledge and all our future programs to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. 

    Guru Purnima

Tonight I honour Maharshi-

To whom I entrust my soul-

My one sole hope of achieving

Life’s ultimate cosmic goal.

For Maharshi is pure awareness-

Radiant, cool, complete.

I am this flower Maharshi

I lay at your Master’s feet.

Maharshi is man perfected-

The light that awoke my soul

From the sleep of nescience

To tread the path to Life’s goal.

Maharshi is the source of light

That will unify my soul.

He is that universal drive

To make all the fragments whole.

He is wise above all others,

Yet full of humility.

His are the highest values of Life

Guiding humanity.

He is that fullness cool and complete-

That sceptre poised over the sea,

Whose presence calms the peaks and troughs

Of  life in activity.

He is that moon full rayed and round-

That diadem o’er the sea,

Shining in celestial splendour

And classic serenity.

He is the flight path to the divine

Nectar of unity.

Mine is the smooth and natural dive

Into tranquility.

He is the knowledge that unfolds

The source of infinite power.

Mine is the smooth internal descent

To the source of every flower.

He is the fullness of the mind

Awake in every recess;

I am the forming face of the moon

 Swelling in consciousness.

He is the perfect fragrant flower.

I am a humming bee,

Who sips the scented nectar of Life

And lets it enliven me.

He is the fullness of the fruit.

I am the seedling tree-

In his hands are the apples of youth

And immortality.

He is the lighthouse on the shore

Illuminating the sea;

Guiding us through the tides of time

To celestial Unity.

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